Revenge of the Nerd

I will admit it I am Nerd, a science Geek. And as you would expect, all the sports ball jocks bullied me, and all the girls teased me, I had no idea what they saw in in those stupid jock boyfriends of theirs. So when I read about the gene metamorphosis serum in Nature I decided that would be the best tool for revenge, I will turn all those big strong jocks into delicate women who need help moving heavy objects. And I will turn on all the hornyness genes so they will sleep with anyone even me, then we will see who gets called a sissy. But being such a klutz just as was finished with the first sample in the school lab, I spilled it on myself, and I turned into a hot horny chick!

But at least the jocks don’t bully me anymore, they just fuck me instead, they fuck me a lot! I was having so much fun I did not want to do any harm to those big strong sexy jocks anymore I just wanted them to fuck me. The idea of my original plan horrified me now, it would reduce the supply of big cocks to sit on. I only created one more dose of the genomorphosis serum and engineered it to cure my nearsightedness and get rid of those glasses, and to give me immunity to all STDs at the same time. The girls still tease me though they just call me a slutty whore instead, but I think they are just jealous.

PS: Actually I might just go back to the lab as I have had allot of requests for a penis and libido enlarging serum. I will definitely make sure not to spill this one on myself, I will wear a HAZMAT suit this time, I want to make sure I am on the receiving end of the big cocks it produces.

PPS: Some poofs stole what remained of my pretty slut serum, I hope they do not increase the competition too much.

PPPS: Turns out the reason I have not been having any periods is because I am pregnant. Guess i started taking the contraceptive pill too late, but that first week i was just so horny I forgot all about it, and I am supposed to be smart. No telling who the farther is.


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