Revenge is a dish best served nude

I had spent seven years trying to forget all about what I had gone through in high school. Then it all came rushing back when I rounded a corner and walked into a solid wall of muscle. I recognized the hulking mass immediately as Colt Stevens, the quarterback of my old school. He looked angry for a moment, then amused. “Oh hey, Princess,” he chuckled.
“I…you…my name is Richard,” I stammered.
But Colt just laughed. “What a pussy,” he said, pushing me out of his way to continue walking.
And all the memories came flooding back: being shoved inside of lockers, whipped with wet towels, hoisted into the air and nailed to a door frame by my underwear. All of it done by Colt Stevens. Immediately, I vowed revenge.
I started following Colt surreptitiously and gathering information so that I would have ammo to develop the perfect plan. The man’s most significant pastime seemed to be seducing and sleeping with women, so that would be the focus of my retribution. But I still didn’t have a clear idea until I went to the Ren-Fair and met a woman claiming to be a real witch. After a few demonstrations of her powers, I believed and bought a $1,000 spell for transforming people into any form you desired.
That’s how I got here. I transformed myself into a sexy woman – dainty and red haired, with cute, perky tits – just the type Colt always went after, hung out at his favorite bar, and waited for him to ask me out. It didn’t take long. I made sure to take several provocative pictures all through our date so that when it was over and I transformed back to reveal my true identity, I would have proof that Colt Stevens went on a date with a man – proof I would post on the internet.
The only trouble is, sex wasn’t part of the plan. I was supposed to change back before we got this far, but this body was just so hyped up in from all of the attention and physical contact that when we started kissing, I may have gotten carried away. I didn’t even realize how wet I was until Colt pulled my underwear aside and slid his massive cock inside me. I can finally understand why he’s so full of himself, especially with the way he’s filling me up. They should call him Stallion. God it feels good.
But I can’t get carried away. Sure, this body enjoys sex, and sure, I may have been a little curious, but this is still all about revenge. How much more devastating will it be when Colt finds out he had sex with a man too? He would never believe that the gawky, puny little weakling he used to pick on would ever make such a graceful, sexy, and vivacious woman. Of course, I never would have believed that those brutal muscles could be both firm and gentle at the same time while guiding me with each sweet thrust. And those muscles of his look even bigger than they were in high school, not that I was paying that much attention. I think I’ll even put a little spice into my performance. This is even more fun with a few sexy moans. Colt really seems to be enjoying it too. I can’t believe the way he’s looking at me.
Wait, what’s happening here? Why am I thinking about Colt this way? It’s not like I’m attracted to him. What the hell sort of revenge scheme was this anyway? How was having sex with Colt supposed to get back at him? Doesn’t it just make me look like the pussy he always said I was? But on the other hand, HAVING a pussy is pretty nice. Let me rephrase that: having a pussy is AMAZING! My GAWD! Who knew it was possible for Colt Stevens to make me feel this good? So good. So fucking good… Maybe I don’t have to tell him who I am after all. I like the sound of the name Rachel, and with just a few more thrust…I think I might…yes, YES, FUCK YES! I’M CUMMMMING!!!


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