Astral Possession

In his spirit form Takahashi was closing in on Kyoko´s unsuspecting body. She was showing her back to him, he just needed to fly past the pool to enter her. This was a joyous moment, he was close to his life long dream to have Kyoko all to himself.
He mentally propelled himself forward and glided into her.
To Kyoko it felt being drenched with a bucket of cold water. She shuddered and her skin prickled. It was getting hard to stand up, she felt woozy.
From the center of her body Takahashi sent his spirit energy outwards into the rest of her body and gained full control.

He steadied his legs and noticed he could feel the warmth of the sun caressing his body again. His eyes fluttered open, his eyelashes a little longer and fuller than usual. He licked his lips and tasted the gloss.
She was about the same height as he was so the point of view hadn´t changed, but the sensations of moving around had. Both butt and breasts jiggled with every step he took, but Takahashi loved it. Kyoko´s body was his and he intended to stay in it, even if he had to sacrifice his original one to achieve it.


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