Finger Puppet.

Matthew never wanted to be a woman.

It took him a long time to accept the fact that he was one all thanks to the great shift.

He refused to do anything girly but as time went on he started coming around to the idea and found himself enjoying some of the best things about being a woman.

People made a lot more allowances for you when you look pretty and you get a hell of a lot of free drinks in a bar and when he finally allowed himself to experience sex as a woman for the first time he found it to be mind-blowing.

He did not know how it happened but he knew his best friend Tony had the hots for him ever since the shift but was too shy and too afraid of losing his best friend to say anything.

Matthew noticed the way Tony looked at him it was the same way he used to look at pretty girls himself and the longer he was a woman the more he noticed his attitude and taste towards men changing.

He started to find them highly attractive & could not believe the way he was starting to flirt with his friend & the erotic dreams he had about him which seemed to be pushing him in one direction.

Which gave him his biggest moral dilemma since the great shift to sleep or not to sleep with his friend?

But decided to take it slow at first and could not believe what he invited his friend to do as he let his best friend Tony finger him as they both sat in the bathroom naked having trouble keeping the noise down as Matthew moaned and squealed with ecstasy and was surprised at what one finger could do to him now.


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