Restroom mirror

For Michael it was just another day at the bar. He was drinking beer, looking around for a girl he could pick up. When he saw the big breasted brunette, he immediately took action. Unfortunately he failed as the girl only smiled and left, leaving him alone. Defeated he ordered another beer. After his third beer, Michael felt the urge to pee, so he went to the restroom. After finishing his job he washed his hands. When he looked in the mirror he jumped scared. There, in the mirror, instead of his reflection was the girl he tried to pick up. He moved his hand and the girl did the same. He searched for cameras thinking it’s some kind of a joke, then turned around to the mirror. The girl was still there mimicking his every move. Michael stood still and focused trying to catch her on a mistake. “Ok, i give up” Michael said and lowered his head. His eyes has widened up in shock when he saw two large breasts. His surroundings had also changed, now he was in the women’s restroom. Michael looked down at himself then at his reflection a few times. ” Oh my God” he whispered as he realized he was now the girl. “But if i’m her, then where is she? Where is my body!?” Michael rushed out from the restroom trying to find his body. He wandered around with no effect. His body was already gone, leaving him stuck like this


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