Aunt Veronica

Ted was shocked when his aunt Veronica offered to temporarily swap bodies with him! He didn’t even believe it was possible at first, but she proved him wrong, as suddenly he sat there in her red satin dress and tan stockings. He did realized he felt very good and hot. He was also horny but in a new way, he was thinking of guys!

This was his aunt’s plan all along. She had a huge sex drive, and it was getting her into trouble. She wanted to try a new life and be young also. She was hoping her nephew would like it enough to not want to swap back, but if he did want to she wasn’t going to anyway!

As Ted looked up at his new sexy leg, Veronica had hope he would like her body. An hour later she seen him heading out to the bar! She was keeping hope that once he had sex as her he would want to stay that way, and give her no resistance in making it permanent.

Veronica was right, he came home and wanted to stay that way, but didn’t have time to talk as he pulled his new man upstairs by the balls!


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