Finding something to enjoy

When Michael sold the start up company he’d worked so hard to build for $20 million, he knew his place in life would change. His friends and neighbors would all look at hi weird and treat him differently. That was fine, he’d learn to deal with it.

When his neighbor Claire showed up at his door one day and said she wanted to chat, he was more than a little hesitant. While only fourteen years her senior, they were an important fourteen years. He was 30, a successful tech entrepreneur. She was 17, a girl just on the cusp of womanhood. He’d known her for a few years, and he’d seen her… mature. He thought she was much too young for such things, but she was always flirting with him. Since he sold his company she’d been even more pushy. He was a little afraid she’d throw herself at him if he let her inside. So he refused.

She scowled and snapped her fingers. Suddenly Michael was looking up at himself. His body laughed and he looked down, seeing a pair of breasts there. Claire’s breasts.

Claire in his body explained that she hated being a teenager and wanted to be rich, and she’d found a spell to fix both problems. She wished Michael good luck as her and slammed the door in Michael’s face after threatening to call the police, leaving Michael with no options but to pretend to be Claire and go home. A week later `Michael’ packed up and left town.

Michael was despondent and felt himself drift through Claire’s life. A week later his `parents’ went for a trip without him.

That was when a boy showed up. The boy didn’t hesitate or ask for anything, he just said she’d been leaving him hanging and started kissing her as soon as she opened the door. It felt good, despite how weird it was, and being depressed Michael just let it happen. He lost his virginity, though clearly not Claire’s.

The boy wasn’t Claire’s only beau. After he’d had his fun he left, and an hour later another boy showed up, and again Michael just let it happen. It was incredible, how quickly Claire’s body came when fucked. When the third guy showed up Claire came just as quickly, this guy seemed to recognize it. He said it wasn’t fair for her to rush ahead and she had to make it up to him.

Not much later, `Claire was on her knees, both hands around his cock, his cum on her face and in her mouth. She looked up and saw the contentment on the guys face and felt it permeate through her whole body, the after glow of her orgasm still leaving her tingling.

For the first time in weeks, a smile appeared on her face. Maybe being a teenage slut wouldn’t be so bad…


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