Realized He Felt Funny

Hank was at the party, and realized he felt funny once he was upstairs drunk on Lana’s bed ready for action. He was still smiling however, too drunk to be worried. He didn’t head the warning of Lana’s mom if he were to mess with her before marriage, there would be consequences. Once Hank realized what happened, he knew she was right.

Even drunk, Hank sobered up a bit, realizing he now had boobs, and a smaller softer frame, and only wearing tan pantyhose, instead of his underwear. One the floor where his jeans and t-shirt and running shoes were, there was a jean skirt, pink t-shirt, and black ballet flats.

Lana walked in seeing this woman she had never seen before, instead of Hank, “Who the hell are you? I thought Hank was here! I’m not into chicks, especially drunk ones like you. Get the hell out of my bedroom you crazy bitch. Put your damn skirt back on too and get the hell out of there now! I’m not looking for pussy, and you certainly have one. I’m not into chicks, so get your chick ass out of here, and now I’m going to have to find Hank.”

Hank was frozen almost in shock, she was calling him a chick, and didn’t even know him now, and wanted him out, and he would have to put on these girls clothes now too! What happened was what was bothering him, well her now, but she had to do as asked or Lana would beat her ass. Walking out in a skirt and pink tee and flats with pantyhose was weird enough, but having the big boobs was messing with him too, he had no bra.

No one recognized Hank now, and the party goers were even rude to him grabbing his pantyhose clad ass! His former buddy Lee even squeezed his tits through the shirt! Hank made it out, but wondered what he would do now, but realized first he would have to find Lana’s mom.

Once he got to her, Lana’s mom told her she was sorry, but this was what he deserved, and the spell was permanent, she didn’t want Hank ever messing with her daughter again, and this would be one way of doing it, her daughter was definitely not into women, and now Hank was a woman. She did say she wasn’t completely without a heart however, and changed reality a bit so people except Hank and Lana’s mom, knew her as Hannah in stead, so she would have a life and identity. She also told Hannah, not to worry, her new desires would take hold and she would like men now too as part of the body changes!

Hannah left Lana’s mom’s house distraught, staring down at her pantyhose clad legs beneath the skirt she now wore. This was hear new life now, skirts, boobs, periods, long hair, now into guys also! One of her buddies Ned happened to be leaving the party.

“Hey Hannah, want to go out for some drinks? I’ll buy, and you do like fine tonight,” said Ned winking.

Hannah wanted to walk away, but for some reason now she found Ned hot! Hannah realized maybe she could get laid another way at least that night!


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