Watch your mouth

Ivan took one second to admire his gorgeous red locks in the mirror before turning around to regard his best friend Taylor sprawled out on the bed.

“Tay, you awake?” he asked, to which he received just a muffled grunt. “Are you angry that I used that Internet spell to take your girlfriend’s body? I mean, I’m your girlfriend now, aren’t I? I couldn’t help it; after all we were always best mates and now we can mate anytime we want. But now I’m Alanna and I hope you’re not angry at me.”

“Angry at you?” Taylor asked, bewildered and still a bit dazed. “Iva…I mean Alanna, you just gave me the best head I’ve ever received, you silly girl. This is too good to be true. The previous Alanna would never give me any ‘cuz she said it was demeaning to women. I’m just a bit exhausted from blowing my load in your lips and surprised to see you reveal this side of yourself, my little horny redhead fuck buddy…wait, what are you doing?”

Ivan calmly removed his lacy turquoise bra and turned so that Taylor could see his tits. “Watch your mouth, Tay. You have no idea what a ‘horny redhead fuck buddy’ I can be. I’m not prissy and passive like Alanna used to be. In fact, I’m horny and I haven’t come yet, and since I just sucked off your load I think it’s fair that it’s your turn to lick now the juices on my clit. Get ready, big boy.”

Taylor could say nothing as Ivan swayed over to the bed and pulled his panties off: he simply shut up and opened his mouth to do what he was told.


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