Paula Peters

Jed was changed to Paula Peters instantly after his girlfriend Liza found out he cheated and told her Mom there at the family dinner. He was walking down the stairs after using the bathroom to call one of his “flings”, when he felt weird and sat down. Suddenly he felt the new boobs and pussy, as he pulled up the pantyhose in horror, ripping them over his new pussy! He put a manicured finger in to see if it was, real astonished by the weird new pleasure it gave!

Liza’s mom entered the stairway, “Well, Jed, how do you like your new body? I hope well, because I’m not changing you back. You see, you are no good for my daughter Liza with your cheating ways, and she’s not into chicks like yourself now, so you being stuck like this will keep you away for good. Also, you are a slut now too, so I’m afraid you’ll be too worried about cocks now to even care about Liza. Have a nice life Paula Peters, I changed reality so you are Paula Peters, mature gang bang porn star, and only us to remember what you were before. You liked that nasty porn so much, so now you can be the one of the lead attractions in them now! I’m not totally heartless though, I will bring you a dress and heels to wear out of here, and on to your new life as Paula.”

As Paula sat their on her new large round soft ass, she realized she had made a huge mistake, and speaking of huge, why was she thinking of men that were huge? Liza’s mom returned, throwing a bright green dress at her, and a pair of matching heels.

“Welcome to womanhood, Paula, enjoy,” said Lana’s mom laughing.


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