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Rapid Response

Normally the TG Flu took about two weeks to work through your system. The changes slowly happened over that time and people usually stayed home since it was awkward to to be out and about. Read more

New in Town

There was something very different about this town that Keith felt as he walked around. He had finally been offered the job he wanted and it paid well. He moved across the country which made him happy to be away from family. He still loved his family but he needed space for himself. Read more

Hotel Hijinks

*slap slap slap* That’s the sound of Chris plunging himself onto Becky’s cock. “Damn it Chris you’re really into this aren’t you?”
“Mmmhmm!” *slap slap slap slap* Read more

Magic Train

He had never taken the train before but this was the most harrowing experience on a train in his life. Our man waited on an empty train platform which seemed odd, it was the middle of the afternoon. When they train got to the station he got on and to his surprise the train was also empty. Slow day maybe? Read more