Now that this was becoming sort of a habit, Tyler had to ask himself an important question. Was he a racist?

He didn’t discriminate against anyone really. He had black coworkers and friends and they all got along, and Tyler didn’t think they were any less competent or inferior or anything. His worry was a lot more subtle.

Like a lot of people, he’d started experimenting with BodyShapr nanites in his twenties. After the usual, big dick, muscular body, macho man phase everyone went through, Tyler had gotten curious about what it would be like to be a girl. So he started turning himself into a girl every weekend to explore his self identity. He actually liked it, and even went so far as to go to a couple parties as a chick during his senior year of college. He loved the attention guys paid to him and how they flirted with him, and that was the first night he gave a guy a blow job. He had the guy pull out and cum in a tissue, but over all he had to admit it had been a fun experience.

After that he kept up his gender changing antics. He got a nice paying job so he could afford to turn himself into a girl and back one weekend a month. He’d go out to bars, have guys buy drinks for him, flirt, give the occasional BJ, and every now and then get fucked.

This continued on for years, with not a lot changing. Then one time about six months ago Tyler hooked up with a giant black guy who was really in to the whole `Black Power’ thing. He said he loved fucking a white girl and said all kinds of dirty things while they fucked. It was quite the thrill to Tyler, and afterwards he wondered about it. Now that he’d explored being a different gender, why not a different race?

Well, since then he’s been turning into a black chick every month. The thing was, while when he was a white chick he’d flirt and have sex occasionally, as a black chick he acted like a fucking animal. Tyler suddenly found he loved being used and abused by guys, blowing guys in the men’s room at the bar, letting them fuck him in the ass, begging for them to blow their loads all over his face and tits. Suddenly when he was black and a chick, he wanted to be treated like a whore. This guy here actually said he’d give Tyler $50 for a BJ if he could cum on her face and she’d literally jumped at the opportunity! Tyler would never have considered that when he was a white girl, would he?

Tyler wasn’t sure. Tasting the guy’s cum in his mouth and feeling it drip down her chin onto her tits felt totally awesome. The guy pulled out a fifty dollar bill and slapped it onto Tyler’s tits, using his own cum as an adhesive to hold it there. He told “Tylee” she was great and that if he saw her at the bar again, he’d totally pay for more next time.

“Tylee” giggled and watched the man go, his cum cooling on her skin. She picked up the money and looked at it, realizing she now really was a black whore. A new thought crossed her mind. Could she make enough money doing this to make a living? Maybe she didn’t need to keep turning back into Tyler anymore after all…


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