Wish to Be in the Action

Harry was pissed he didn’t get invited to the party. Late that night, out on the porch he wished on a shooting star.

“I wish I was a part of the action at the party,” said Harry firmly.

Being that the party only had a few girls, and a lot of guys, and no one was dancing, there wasn’t much action going on. So the wish took the path of least resistance, making Harry the source of some of the action so to speak. Harry was shocked at first, he was being lifted up by his legs while staring at one of the jocks that didn’t like him at college. He felt penetrated immediately in a place he wasn’t familiar with, and being good at figuring things out quickly, he almost knew what he now was and what was happening.

In that instant, he thought of the wish, and how it must have gotten twisted into this! He was now “a part of the action” in a way he had never anticipated! As a sexy woman! Looking down confirmed it, he was a skinny chick with small pert boobs you could barely see with all his clothing ruffled up above his waist, but he knew it from the sensations. The much longer hair framing his face, that soft feeling of his new softer skin and less muscle confirmed it. The penetration also led right into him knowing. He was in on the action and was feeling waves of a type of pleasure he never felt before. Ironically as a man he was a virgin, so his first sexual experience ever in his life was as a woman! He never would have thought he would have lost his virginity in this regard, but her he, no SHE was, riding a dude she didn’t even care for that much, as he pumped away having a good time.

Harry had no choice but to go with it, as this guy was mega strong, especially compared to him now in his new form. The experience was pleasurable, but very odd and unusual. Harry was straight before, but it seems now in this body he is straight too, meaning he is into guys! This guy was actually rocking his world so to speak, and Harry was just as shocked by his new orientation as he was his new sexy female body!

“I’m ento meen, whut iz wrong wedt mee,” he said in his new voice, realizing he had a Spanish accent and a sexy new voice.

“Babe, if you are having second thoughts about which way you swing, don’t worry, let’s just have fun okay,” said Patrick, the man holding him up.

“I meen, I’m not eeven a woman,” he continued, shocked that he couldn’t speak English without that accent.

“Of course you are a woman, you are very much one from what I’m feeling baby, just keep having fun with my meatpole,” said Patrick about to explode.

Patrick dropped the new woman down a bit and pulled out, then came all over her face and clothes! Harry sat there dumbfounded, after orgasming, then again from the hot cum hitting him. He must have been really into this!

“That was great sweet, you are one hot chica, what was your name again? Harriet Fuentes? Well, Harriet you are one good girl in the sack, I’ll give you my number later before this party is over,” said Patrick smiling and putting away his member.

So he was now Harriet, and Spanish. Also he was a part of the action at the party. This was all a lot to take in. He thought maybe after the party was over he would be his old self again back at his flat, but that didn’t happen. After cleaning up and getting his clothes on straight, Patrick slipped him his number, and the party ended as everyone started leaving. Patrick walked home, and when he got there, he seen his flat was different than he remembered it. It had a feminine and a Spanish touch to it now! His reality must have changed dearly from this wish. He went to bed, thinking maybe this was a dream, or that the wish would be over after he slept, but was fairly certain this was a permanent life.

When he awoke, he still had the hot boobs and pussy from the night before, and was for some reason super horny. It was like his sex drive was way above and beyond his former one! He thought he might have to be the center of the action again soon, to get relief! Now he realized he would have a need, a want to be in the action at many parties from then on!


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