Role Play

Tonight was once again my turn to be the woman of the house. My wife had demanded that she got to spend more time wearing the pants around the house. We had once again used that role exchanger device to swap roles. I was now in possession of her perky little tits and her cute little body. I didn’t really mind the trade and I secretly hoped that it would become permanent. The more time I spent as my wife, the more comfortable in her skin that I had gotten. If she wanted to spend more time wearing the dick then she was more than welcome to it. I climbed onto the bed as she began to unbutton her shirt. I think she enjoyed wielding my cock between her legs and I enjoyed playing the submissive house wife. I couldn’t wait for her to put that dick inside of me and she always managed to last longer than I ever could have. I adjusted myself and used her voice “Don’t be gentle baby, I have been a bad girl.”


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