rabbit’s foot keychain – taught a lesson pt 3 (16

Next thing I knew, that’s where we are! I can’t move or talk, only listen as Wendy smiles, circling me and swinging that rabbit’s foot around her hand.

“You treated me like shit this last year… making my life miserable. I don’t even like my step sister, but you cheated on her, because you treat all women like objects, expecting them all to bow and let you do whatever you want to them because you’re the big basketball star… well… let’s give you a little lesson…. Ryan.”

I can only stand, unable to speak, no matter how much I struggle, as Wendy begins making statements about me, warping reality with every word. Even though I just saw her control Eryn, and force Dylan and Truck to become boyfriend and girlfriend… nothing prepared me for what Wendy now is doing to me.

“Ryan, you’re going to have a hard time continuing your basketball career into college once they find out about how you lied on your application,,, you’re not six foot three! Shit, I bet you’re shorter than me even! Probably by at least two inches!”

The world rushed up around me, everything growing as I was swallowed by my clothes. I strained to shake my head, but Wendy pulled the shirt covering my face aside… and I looked UP at her! She’d shrunk me! I was even shorter than her now!

She paraded me in front of the mirror, and wished I was nude. My body looked like a funhouse version of my former six foot three athletic form. I was at least two inches shorter than Wendy, who had to be barely 5 foot 5, and now stood behind me grinning. She glanced down at my nude body in the mirror. My dick hung down almost to my knees, due to the fact that my legs had shrunk so much.

“Ok, let’s get this going. Ryan, you are no longer the basketball star king of the school. In fact, you’re not even a senior. You’re not 18… you’re sixteen.”

My body tingled and I felt my arms and shoulders wither.

“Yup, your a sixteen years old, five foot two… gonna be hard to be a basketball star… hard to get laid all the time….” She smiled and ran her hand along my dick, which began to harden despite my terror.

“That’s not really fair though, I know how much you love to fuck. All those nights I had to listen to you and Katie through the wall at my house while I tried to study? Shit you love sex! You must have the sex drive of five normal teenage girls! You’re five times as fertile I bet too!”

My cock sprang to life. I moaned a tiny bit, as I was suddenly incredibly horny, despite being scared shitless.

“Hmmm… no, even with that big dick, you won’t be able to wrangle all your cheerleaders into your bed, only 16 and shorter than almost every girl on the squad… but don’t worry, it’s a different ball game for you getting action now, because you’re a girl!” She laughed gleefully and clapped her hands as my body tingled all over, twisting and contorting. I actually was able to let out a scream, which became higher and higher as my voice changed to match… my body. My dick shrunk. Hair dissipated everywhere, but long dirty blonde hair suddenly hung in my eyes. My hips cracked and my waist felt like it was breaking. Wendy stared and smiled.

“Let me see you” She said after a minute or so and the pain subsided, She turned me towards the mirror and a high pitched whine came from my throat as I stared at a nude, 16 year old girl… that was me!

I looked like I could be my own younger sister. Small, coltish body, cute, girlish face, chin length dirty blonde hair in a bob. Wendy slid her hands over my soft, bare arms and to my chest, squeezing, and drawing my eyes to the bizarre forms that she held, the two, high, firm, apple sized breasts that stood high on my chest, with two puffy, dime sized areole and perky pink nipples. She pinched them and a shot of pleasure went through my body, and my eyes glanced at my crotch, a warm tingle coming from the alien sensation of the hairless, perfect pussy that was now where my cock should have been.

“Ok Ryan! Here’s the deal. I have a lot of other scores to settle today, so let’s jumpstart you on your new situation, and then I’ll give you a day or so to get used to it before I check back in and see if you’ve learned your lesson.”

“You are no longer Ryan Waters, rich, popular basketball star, you are Ryan Waters-Mellun, 16 year old new student, transferred her for being too much of a bimbo party girl and school slut at your last high school in the city. You are spending your junior and senior year here, and you are staying with your uncle and his family, my step dad, Katie’s father. That’s right, you’re going to live with me and your ex now! That way I can keep an eye on you, and you can be like a slutty sister to your ex girlfriend!”

I wanted to scream, cry plead for her to stop. It was enough! But I couldn’t do anything but stare and listen to her destroy my life and change me into…. a fucking chick!

“You will go to school where you are now a junior, and when you are around other people you will always act and dress like a slutty high school bimbo, playing the part of sexpot slut no matter how you try to resist, and you will always have heavy, perfect make up and sexy, done up hair and tight, slutty, revealing clothes, so that guys will notice you wherever you go.” She laughed as my blue eyes widened.

“Now answer me a question… who on the basketball team has fucked the most girls this year. I know you guys all brag about it to each other.”

“Me” I said, shocked at the sound of my breathy, sultry teen voice.

“Of course..,” Wendy said, standing in front of me eyeing my nude body up and down. “What about next to you?”

“Zak Spencer” I said, trying to stop but unable to not answer or do whatever Wendy commanded of me with her damn rabbit’s foot.

“Ok, here’s the deal. You’re going on a date with Zak Spencer tonight. In fact he’s picking you up in about a half hour. Isn’t that exciting Ryan? In fact, your such a little horny slut I bet you’re getting turned on even more thinking about his big strong body…”

No! She couldn’t make me… go on a date with fucking Zak! Tears started to run from my eyes as I felt the tingle between my legs grow and watched my nipples become erect, Wendy’s words true no matter how I tried to ignore the feeling. My body was getting hornier.

“Zak doesn’t usually date chicks like you though… sure, you’re pretty… but I bet Zak has a type right? Can you picture the kind of girls he like?”

Of course I could. I tried not too… but I remembered Jessica, that airhead with the super long bleached blonde hair and huge ass… then there was Patricia, with the big tits that always wore low cut tops, and had blonde and pink streaks died into her ass length hair.

“Ryan Waters-Mellun, you are now Zak’s perfect type. Your a walking wet dream straight out of his head” Her fist clutched the keychain and she waved it in my face as tingling started all over my body, and I was forced to watch in the mirror as her words became true.”

“Much better! This will be way more fun for you now!” She laughed, as I saw the changes that her words had caused. I now had bleached blonde hair hanging around my face and down my back to my ass. My hips and ass had swelled three times their previous size, and my waist had cinched in even more. My butt stood up and out and jiggled like jello with even the tiniest movements.

Before, my face had looked like a rather pretty 16 year old, but now… my skin had softened and become a sexy, creamy white, my eyes were big and blue… my nose small, pert… my lips had swollen and looked like I was blowing a kiss, wet and juicy…

“Very nice! Zak will be so happy when he see’s you!” She laughed.

“And look at those boobs! You won’t have any problem getting attention from all the guys with those knockers!” She laughed and slapped my chest, making me wince. I looked down and saw two huge, rough balloons, weighing me down and making me stand awkward, sticking out my big round ass to balance. I looked at her pleadingly as I raised my hands and cupped them, my fingers with their long pink nails too small to even grip them entirely. They felt like the weighed a ton!

“I bet those will be uncomfortable to lug around all the time, but at least their super sensitive and will feel amazing to touch and squeeze, especially your super sensitive nipples. Go ahead and feel yourself up now you busty slut!” She laughed, and I began to squeeze and knead my chest, grimacing as my fingers pinched my nipples which were now twice as big as before. Wendy laughed as a I whimpered in pleasure from the sensations.

“Man, those really are some knockers! Maybe as big as Jenny’s? You should know right? Go ahead and answer me Ryan, but keep feeling up those big tits of yours while you do, and tell me how it feels as well. Also, since you’re a dumb horny slut you should always talk dirty, to help get more attention from men!” She commanded, dangling the keychain at her side as the tingle of the magic forced my body to do her bidding.

“Jenny’s jugs are 36 double Ds. I don’t know what size my sexy knockers are… ” my breathy, teen slut voice answered. I tried to stop the next batch of words, but only was able to cause a stutter before answering her other question.

“It feels so good to touch my big, bouncy tits. Especially when my fingers squeeze my nipples… it’s making me so fucking horny…” I moaned out, despite trying to stop the words. Even worse, everything I said, I knew was true. My body, as humiliating as it was now, felt amazing.

“Great! Well, I’m guessing you probably are around the same size as Jenny… but you don’t want to be second best right? I wish you’re boobs were a full cup size… no, TWO cup sizes bigger than Jenny’s!” I cried no, clutched my swelling chest, tears filling my big blue eyes as Wendy told me how I will only wear lacey, sexy bras that let my tits jiggle and shake and how every guy in school will get an eyefull since I always wear tight, low cut, cleavage revealing tops. She said no one will have any question who has the biggest boobs in school, and how every single guy will be drooling and running home to jerk off thinking about me.

“Yup, the guys all love Ryan Watermelons! Ha, that’s what they call you, watermelons! Don’t worry though, I know you’ll be humiliated and uncomfortable when dudes stare at those huge titanic titties you’ll be lugging around, but I wish to make i t easier on you, so anytime you see someone oggling your boobs, or someone talks about them or asks you about them, you will not only answer as sexy as possible and say yes to anything they request, but you will also grab them, squeeze them and play with them while you talk about them. Even though it’ll be humiliating as a former man to be stuck with goodyear blimp boobs that teenage guys are going to be drooling on every second of the day, you’re body gets turned on anytime someone looks at them or talks about them. ” Wendy was just standing, dangling that keychain.

“But I don’t want to have all the cute guys trying to grab my big ol’ bazooms, imagining what it would be like to stick there hard dicks in between em while I wiggle and jiggle and then they shoot there hot cum all over my big fat slut tits!” I just couldn’t stop, and looking down, saw the entire time I was running my hands over them, jiggling them, shaking them, and even gesturing like a cock was spraying my chest. I couldn’t help it. I turned and ran, as fast as my body would allow, but Wendy called out for me to go shower and start getting ready… for my date! I ran into my girly pink room, fell onto the bed and past on from terror.

That was five hours ago. I woke up and found myself in heavy, slutty make up, in a tiny mini dress, high heels and a hot pink sweater so tight and low cut that every jiggling, awkward step I took made it feel like my body was going to burst free from the clothes.

Wendy sent me on my date with Zak. Even worse, she made it a double date, with Katie, my ex, now my older sister, and my former best friend and team mate Ted. We went out to dinner and I couldn’t stop giggling and flirting, no matter how hard I tried. Even worse, my eyes constantly passed over Katie in her tight skirt and top, my favorite one she owned, and instead were drawn to Zak and Ted… to their arms, and the way they towered over my tiny body… and to their crotches.

I got hornier and hornier. Once we got to the dance club, I tried to sneak off and masterbate, I was so turned on I could barely think, but the line to the bathroom was too long, so I tried to go outside and find a spot to collect myself…. that’s when Zak saw me.

I don’t know how it happened… I’m humiliated… but next thing I knew, Zak had his arms around me… and we were kissing! His hands ran down my body, squeezing my ass, pulling me against him, mashing my huge tits into his strong chest. I pulled away, my tongue licking his lips, horrified that I was making out with fucking Zak… a dude! and it was… turning me on!

I tried to say something, to get him to stop, but instead… my hands were down his pants…. and the lust inside my nympho teen body Wendy had forced on me reached a fever pitch. I began stroking him with my tiny hands, his dick was enormous… and my pussy ached…

Next thing I knew, I was on my knees, licking his cock, working it with my hands… sucking it… my pussy throbbed as I took all eight inches of him down my wet throat, moaning and sucking as my fingers began to pull up my skirt and work my pussy, feeling it with my hands for the first time, crying in lust onto Zak’s huge dick as I worked my clit like I’d done to so many other girls before… lost in the incredible feelings of my new body.

I can barely admit it, but I came… and it was amazing. I almost blacked out, and then came again as he… well… he pulled out of my mouth and… shot all over my face and cleavage. I couldn’t stop myself, and stuck out my tongue to catch some of it, his giant hands mauling my huge tits, , them like basketballs, my dress ripped in a shambles and my bra hanging uselessly to the side. I looked down, orgasm subsiding, hoping to end this, tell him I needed to leave, but instead…

“I love your hands on my big fat titties and your cum on my face.” I purred, mortified at the situation, and trying to ignore the tingles of pleasure the words and the look on his face gave my body. My dress ruined, I worked to pull up the bra, awkwardly stuffing my ridiculously oversized, jiggling boobs into it, noticing that it looked just like the one I’d stolen from Jenny Juggs, purple and lacy… except the tag on her’s that read “36 double D” was not the same… Wendy had made sure that I was bustier than Jenny Juggs, and the bra I wore, I saw for the first time was indeed bigger. These huge, heavy, awkward, bouncing tits that every man stared at the entire time we were out tonight were size “34 EEE” cup.

After that humiliation, my body’s horniness subsided and I was actually able to tell Zak that I had to go home, and was tired. Luckily, Katie said the same, and soon the two boys dropped us off (but not before a ten minute make out session, Zak’s tongue down my throat and hands on my tits while I had to listen to my best friend grinding and kissing on my former girlfriend). Finally Katie said we needed to go, and I tried to ignore the feelings from this stupid slut body that were making me want to Zak to continue… I remembered the blowjob… his dick in my mouth… and the disgust to my male mind actually won out for a moment, and I broke away, with one last kiss… and, blushing, found myself whispering in his ear “I loved the taste of your dick in my mouth,,,,” as I leaned out of the car, my huge tits straining against my bra, the torn dress now just a tiny skirt that showed the skin tight thong underwear I wore beneath.

Wendy as home when we got in. While Katie made a phone call, she made me tell her about the entire night… how everyone stared at my huge tits, how horny I got, how I couldn’t stop looking at Zak and Ted, about how I couldn’t stop saying stupid bimbo things, how I for some reason started talking about how I’d love to take pole dancing classes… Then she laughed even harder as I tried to stop myself from continuing, but instead, told her about trying to sneak off to masterbate… then Zak finding me… making out… the blow job… the orgasm.

“Oh you slut!!! That’s too good! You’re first big cock! I bet it made you soooo horny and you loved how it felt in your little hands and your wet mouth, didn’t you?” She asked, and of course, I answered…


Wendy laughed hard at that, and then gripped the keychain and said I start pole dancing classes tomorrow after school.

“No!!!” I screamed… “This is enough… I’ve learned my lesson you fucking bitch!” I screamed, tears streaming down my heavily made up face.

“Oh yeah?” Wendy said, frowning. “Fucking bitch? We’ll see who the fucking bitches are in this house!”

Due to my outburst, Katie suddenly called Zak and Ted and invited them back over. I tried to escape, but instead, Katie fixed my hair, my make up, and got out her lingerie, talking about how hot Ted was and how much she couldn’t wait to get it on with him. I wanted to tell her to shut up, but instead, I just smiled and giggled and said that Ted was hot, and… suddenly remembering all those locker room showers at practice over the years, I felt my crotch get warm and wet as the image of Ted naked popped into my stupid, slutty chick brain, and I told her I’d seen his dick before and it was big and sexy. We both giggled and I tried to erase the image, but instead imagined myself kneeling before Ted and wrapping my huge tits around his thick, long dick….

None of Katie’s outfits would fit me, so instead, she giggled and ran in the other room, returning with a latex nurse costume I’D FUCKING BOUGHT HER to wear on halloween but she refused saying it looked like a costume for a porno movie (which it does, but that’s why I wanted her to wear it!).

Well, now I have it on. It’s so tight I can barely move, and the top doesn’t even come close to zipping up around my stupid super sized bouncing bowling ball boobs… with the slutty make up I’m wearing, high heels and this fucking costume they had huge grins on their faces when Katie and I met them at the door, knowing just what to expect… and as much as I hated it, I just followed Katie and grabbed the two men’s hands and led them to the bedroom. Then, suddenly I found myself joining Katie and giving them lapdances that were so sexy I could feel myself leaking through my panties… then Katie sat me on the bed, and led both Zak and Ted away…

I can’t believe this fucking nympho body! I hated seeing Katie, obviously under command from Wendy, as she took my former friends and teammates and stripped them, began working both their dicks, and them, as I layed on the bed, trying to look away, my male mind furious at what I was being forced to watch, but instead… I began to play with myself, fast and faster, as Katie sucked and fucked both of the huge dicks at the same time… until they came, she came and I came, all at the same time.

A glimmer of hope as everyone layed back exhausted, telling myself “You’re Ryan… A man! You fuck women! You don’t want this!” I stood, seeing the door, only ten feet away…. I ran for it, Katie, Zak and Ted still lying exhausted on the bed and couch, recovering from their intense three way fucking.

“Ha!” I cried out, wincing a bit at the sound of my voice. I held my tits with hands, trying to keep them from bouncing out of the stupid nurses outfit as I rad as fast as I could, ass and tits and hair flying everywhere. I saw Katie’s car keys, grabbed them… I’d escape. Go to hotel or something, just fuck myself until these cravings left my sexpot body.

“Stop!” I heard Wendy say. I screamed and turned, and rushed her, making a grab for the rabbit’s foot. As I touched her, my body froze and I fell to the floor. She looked down, frowning, and a cruel smile formed on her lips.

As I stand and slowly strip, Zak and Ted both drooling with lust over my ridiculous wet dream body, I smile. I want to beg them to not do this, maybe, if I can talk them into something else… I could use my hands… or mouth again.. god! No!

“Please, I don’t want this. I’ve never had sex with a man, I don’t want to get doubleteamed… please I’m being forced into this by a witch, I’m really a man! Ryan! You’re team mate!”

That’s what I tried to say… but instead…

“Please, I want this soooo bad. I’ve never had sex with two men… my pussy neeeds to get doubleteamed. Please…. I’m really a slut! I want you to get double teamed now!”

The pleasure is incredible. I can’t even think at all. The feel of Zak’s cock, in my hands, in my mouth, then, as Ted bent me over and moved in front of me, sliding his huge dick between my tits, saying what a slut I looked like and how my tits were made to be wrapped around big dicks, which made me even hornier… then, Zak’s hands on my hips… spreading me, bending me over… filling me… deeper, faster.

“Oh god! Yes, fuck my pussy! Fuck my tits!” I cried out, unable to stop myself, as the two men pumped me furiously. My huge boobs bounced everywhere, Ted was slapping his giant dick against my pretty face as I moaned, and Zack slid deeper and harder inside me, driving this teen sex maniac body insane with lust.

Suddenly, Katie stood in front to me, and began jerking off Ted, aiming his huge dick right at my face. Ted moaned and Katie laughed.

“I’m gonna’ shoot this cum all over you’re pretty 16 year old face Ryan. All over those gigantic watermelon sized funbags and all over your face…” Katie said, jerking him faster and faster as I found myself begging for it. Begging my ex girlfriend to jerk a guy off into my face!

“Oh god!” Zak cried as Ted sprayed cum all over my bouncing tits and face, gripping my hips and pulling me onto him as hard as he could, his dick feeling impossible huge inside me. Through the building orgasm I realized what was about to happen, and tried to move off of him, but instead, just found my pussy begin to spasm, clenching and unclenching…

“Please, pull out! Don’t cum in me… you don’t have a condom!” I screamed, panic able to break through the incredible level of raw lust and need I felt.

Again, I heard something else leave my lips.

“Please don’t pull out baby! Cum in my virgin pussy! Every droooop inside my tight little cunt!” I screamed, as an orgasm over took me and I felt the incredible sensation of Zak’s huge cock spraying cum deep inside of my 16 year old pussy.

Eyes rolling back in my head, huge tits bouncing, cum filling me inside, the most incredible orgasm of my life overtook me, and for a few seconds I was able to forget about Wendy’s angry last command to me with that fucking rabbit’s foot keychain after I tried to attack her.

“Your body doesn’t want to leave. It wants to fuck. It needs to fuck. In fact, you need a load of cum inside you at least twice a day or you won’t even be able to think through the horniness you’ll feel.”

“No you… can’t….” I pleaded.

“Yes I can. I’ve given you a whole new life Ryan, and I think I like you better now. Now, get up there and fuck like a world class porn star…” I turned, trying to resist buy unable, the power of her order and the new longing inside me… the building lust and the craving… impossible to resist. I glared at her.

“That’s a good slut. Now, get up there and fuck those guys and don’t stop until you’re pregnant. I’ve decided you’re going to be a reality star soon…. “

“Nooooooo! Please!” I cried.

“Yup. I think that’ll be a real lesson for you. Ryan, former cocky sexist jerk… now the school slut, with bigger tits than Jenny Jugs, flirting with every guy she meets, craving their cum… and, in a few months, you’ll get to be a reality star, prancing around in those slutty outfits as your belly swells and those tits grow even more, filling with milk… and Ryan Waters-Melluns becomes the airhead slut star for the newest season of “16 and pregnant”!”


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