quit it!

“Quit making them bigger!” Roger said as his chest and ass swelled again.

“Give me a blowjob and I will.” Tom said and pointed the wand towards Roger menacingly again.

“Dude, I’ve already given you like three!” Roger said, “How am I supposed to trust you when you keep breaking your word?”

“I dunno.” Tom said and waved the wand again. Roger groaned as his chest and ass swelled still further, “But if you don’t I’m definitely going to keep doing it. Maybe I’ll see if I can make your tits so big you can’t walk…”

“Damn it! Fine!” Roger said and dropped to her knees again, fishing Tom’s magically enhanced cock out of his trousers and into her mouth. Next weekend, when it was Roger’s turn with the wand, she was going to make Tom pay for being so pushy. Maybe she’d make Tom into a busty midget or something.


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