Feeling many things

Jane stood on the balcony as the sun came up, looking down at the large breasts and larger belly beneath them. She felt so many things.

She’d come a long way from being Joe. Volunteering to help her friend Rob with his senior thesis project had lead to the loss of her manhood. Rob had spent months trying to change her back. Over the same period she slowly adapted to being a woman. Then one night she was curious and asked Rob to kiss her. That night she lost her virginity as a girl and discovered he and Rob’s friendship had morphed into something else.

That was three years ago. Since then Rob had quick working on ways to change her back. They dated and then got engaged. They got married and Jane got knocked up immediately there after. Now she was just a couple months from delivery and was feeling strange.

Horny, nervous, scared, eager, angry, hungry, happy, sad. Somehow she felt them all at once and on this morning she felt really out of place in her body. Like she was supposed to be a boy. It wasn’t an entirely negative experience, there was an excitement that came with feeling out of place, but it still felt strange.

Maybe she’d go in and wake Rob up with a early morning BJ. Then he could fuck her and she could cum. Nothing made this feel more right than that.


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