Quick change

I was at the supermarket, looking for some beers, when I felt a strong piercing pain in my stomach. I had no choice but to bend trying to soothe the pain. It didn’t take long, I guess a second, maybe two for the pain to go away. But as soon as I felt better, I noticed my legs looked different, I didn’t remember wearing so thight jeans, my shoes looked quite girly. I saw my long hair, and then caught a glimpse of my newself on the glass of the fridge infront of me. I was a woman, breasts and all. I grabbed my blouse and while turning around, I raised it all the way revealing my new round perky breasts to the stranged infront of me.

That guy seemed quite pleased. “So you want to come to my place?” he asked, and against my better judgment I agreed. Later that day we made out, I only allowed him to get to second base. I wasn’t ready to lose my virginity on my first day as a woman. But eventually, and after a few dates, we started having sex. Although I am pretty sure he was the one that transformed me into a woman, I never learned if I was right. But it wasn’t like it mattered, It just felt right, whatever triggered the change, not only changed my appearance, but also my mind. I am so happy, I can’t wait until I marry him.


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