Project 5. FSUB. Rhys and Karen

Hi little sparks.
The next project is by @gamerguy.
He contacted us with Rhys and Karen and this happened.

Rhys was very shy with the girls, but Karen was his only friend.
They had taken years to get to know each other and try everything.
Rhys wanted to change bodies for an hour with Karen to know her feelings.
Rhys was in the body of Karen investigating its feelings, emotions and if it had someone special.
So while doing his research, he began to model his clothes and enjoy his body a little.
Without realizing it, spent the hour and while Rhys was experiencing, Karen, from the body of Rhys discovered him, now with the feelings to the skin, Rhys asked him what he felt, Karen explained that he liked the girls, For he was always with him, but from the bodies of the other, they could form a happy couple.
Both came to the FSUB Foundation to close the deal for a lifetime.


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