Damaged Reputation, and Now Living It

Harold damaged Jenna’s reputation in town once he exposed her for doing the entire football team, and later the basketball team at parties. She was a sex addict and very high in sex drive, out of control. She had one thing going for her, after the word got out and her life was ruined. She used her grandma’s spell book to swap her body with Harold, the perpetrator. The spell would only work on the perpetrator ruining someone’s life, so she had no choice in who to pick. She thought it would be worth it.

When Harold woke up feeling different, went to the mirror and seen his new refection, he realized he was now Jenna. He looked at himself shocked and stunned then pulled at his hair a bit, and touched his boobs and screamed. Jenna in his old body pretended to know nothing, calling Jenna crazy, and with word out about her sex-capades with jocks, no one took her seriously now anyway.

Now Harold was the one with his reputation ruined, and living with it, as Jenna. Now he was the school slut, the one who’s been with all those guys. She looked down at her pussy as she sat to pee between classes in the girl’s room, crying seeing that pussy, that pussy that’s taken so many guys, and with that the thought of guys sent a tingle to it. The new Jenna quickly pulled up her panties and pants, and attempted to go to her next class, tears in her eyes, as a track team member slapped her on the ass, and winked at her.

“If the football team and the basketball team could have you, then why can’t the track team? We might be fast on the track, but we would take it slow with you baby,” said Kevin smirking at her.

Harold finally snapped in Jenna’s body after finding he was actually being attracted to that track team guy. He screamed down the hall, and banged his head against his locker, “Somebody help me! I’m so sorry, I exposed you Jenna, I’m so sorry. How can I do this?”

Jenna approached in Harold’s former body, smiling, “You can do this by becoming a better woman, since you couldn’t be a better man. I was a sex addict, and had a high sex drive in that body, but you didn’t know any of that, you just ruined me without even getting to know me. Sure I had problems, but so does everyone, it doesn’t mean you ruin their lives. Perhaps you will learn to be a better woman than I was, but for all intents and purposes, I’m never swapping back after what you did, and I couldn’t if I wanted to, the spell is one way that I used to switch our bodies. It suppose to teach a life long lesson. You made your bed, now you can sleep in it, let’s just hope there aren’t too many men in it with you. Have a nice life, Jenna.”

With that Jenna in Harold’s body walked away, not leaving any chance of Harold being his old self again, and opened a whole new world of femininity, one SHE would have to live with from then on. Jenna in Harold’s former body was right, what she made of it was up to her. She just realized it wouldn’t be easy, as she was finding more and more guys attractive, and getting very horny, just like the former Jenna was.


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