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My other mind

Michael was in love with his college friend Lucy.
He had been a year trying to be his best friend so as to be in the future his boyfriend.
Lucy was a beautiful woman and enjoyed being with people with lots of money, so she never noticed Michael.
One day, while Michael was accompanying Lucy to his bedroom, a light mysteriously caused a part of Michael’s mind to be transferred to Lucy’s body.
At first Lucy was controlling her body, bathed and went to sleep. At that moment Michael was able to take control of Lucy’s body and enjoy close to her beautiful body.

The new bride

Darling … are you sure you put the talismans where they belong?
Because I think we have not returned to our original forms.
Although, I must admit that the silk feels very well between my legs … I say, you look good with my big body, but I look and feel very delicate and fragile

Sorpresa en el viaje de graduación

“Auu… despacio Armand, soy nueva en esto”
Mi compañero y yo jamás esperamos que existiera en esta isla, una rara enfermedad que convierte en mujer a los que miden más de 2 metros.
El calor, el olor, la comida, el alcohol, me armaron de valor para dejar que el experimente al meterme su miembro en mi nueva forma.
“Espero que no me embaraces, aunque sería lindo que se parezca a tí”(yo dije eso!)

My new me

Wow, Blossom, when you suggested a change of sex for pills, I never thought I’d be rewarded so well.
Besides with your strength and vigor, I feel protected, when you insert your dick, I only think of what I can do to make you feel as good as I do. Read more