“Sis, where are you going?” Jimmy asked in high tones. (Gosh, how he hated hearing his sister’s voice come from his lips.)

Rachel adjusted her jeans and adjusted her bulging crotch before zipping up. “I told you: I’m going to the Prince tribute concert. A piece of my heart died when he passed away so suddenly. I’m a huge fan of Prince and his music, as you can see from the purple shirt you’re wearing, which used to be my shirt. Well now, I’ll be off,” she said, throwing on a T-shirt.

“Wait!” Jimmy squeaked. “Rachel, why do you have to go as me? How…why did you switch our—”

Rachel cut him off. “It’s simple: magic, silly. As for why, it’s because I want to be a boy, I mean a MAN, just like Prince,” she said. “So now I am one. You made fun of me before about my Wiccan club and my infatuation with Prince, and you called me a silly girl. Well, from now on I’m your brother Jimmy and you’re the silly girl Rachel. Get used to it. Now I’m going out,” she said as she opened the door. “And for god’s sake, girl, at least cover up your naked pussy! A girl should have more sense!”

Jimmy gasped and pulled his purple shirt down over his crotch as the door slammed shut.


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