She’s got a lot to answer for!

Frank knew there was something desperately wrong when he woke up in his ex girlfriend’s bed staring at her ceiling.

It wasn’t just the weight he was feeling on his chest that moved with every breath he took or the long brown hair that fell down either side of his face it was the fact that he knew somehow he was now in his ex-girlfriend’s pregnant body and this was some sort of punishment for leaving her up the duff and alone.

He pulled back the bed covers to see a pair of large swollen breasts, breasts that he used to play with, breasts that he used to fondle, breasts that he knew so well which confirmed his initial fears.

He struggle to roll himself out of bed with the extra weight he was carrying and stood there slightly unbalanced staring down the body he wants found so attractive and so sexy.

As he stood there in a pair of knickers and stockings taking in the whole situation feeling the panic welling up inside of him for the first time that morning and had to fight to stop himself from bursting into tears.

He decided to get dressed and go and find his ex-girlfriend who was hopefully in his body & struggled into a pair of her jeans and blouse but everything was too tight for the girth of his body which made him wonder where all her maternity clothes were.

As he stripped out of her jeans and blouse and decided to try tights and a skirt but curiosity got the best of him and he lay on the bed playing with himself enjoying seeing and feeling what it was like for his girlfriend when he used to finger her surprised at how sensitive everything was which helped relieve some of the stress he was now feeling as he lay on the bed moaning and squealing with pleasure before the realisation that he was a pregnant woman hit him squarely in the face again and the panic started to well up once again.


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