Pregnant first time around.

Thomas could not believe how quickly his life had changed as he stared down at little Mary Rose.

Enjoying the feelings of motherly bonding towards his little baby girl as he lay there breastfeeding and let his mind drift back over the events of the past year.

It all started with the great shift turning him into a woman.

He was only a woman a week before he got himself pregnant.

He had one too many at the local bar for his new body to handle and ended up going home with a strange man and having unbelievably mind-blowing drunk sex.

He forgot to make sure the man was wearing a condom he forgot to take his morning after pill so after one lousy one night stand he was now pregnant.

He never believed in abortions as a man so he had no choice but to carry the child for 9 months.

He planned after giving birth to give the child up but as his pregnancy slowly dragged on he grew more attached to the thing growing inside of him and by the time it was time to give birth he had made his mind up to keep the child.

Despite the sleepless nights the nappy changing swollen breasts and the 4 inch cracked nipples he had never been happier and was proud to call himself a mother and a woman.


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