Make up sex

“Wait! You were supposed to stick it in my ass!” said John as he looked over shoulder at his friend Rick, who was currently ramming his dick into John’s pussy.

“Relax. I know what am I doing,” grunted Rick, as he continued to pound away. “Doesn’t it feel good?”

John had to admit it did, it really did. His groin tingled with excitement as John’s hard rod slid into and out of his wet cunt. “But if you cum in me there, I will be stuck this way!”

Rick was getting frustrated. John was breaking his concentration. Rick hadn’t done that when he had changed into a woman and John had fucked him. Now it was John’s turn to be Rick’s dream woman and get fucked. And John was ruining the experience.

“You think I want that? Trust me, you aren’t that hot. Your breasts are too small. They should be bigger,” said Rick.

John felt his chest suddenly expand.

“Wait! Something is wrong, ” said John looking back over his shoulder at Rick again.

But he could see by the look on Rick’s face that he had seen the change, too. And it didn’t look like he had a problem with it.

“And your ass should be bigger,” said Rick.

John felt his ass swell, cushioning him as Rick’s pelvis hammered against his body.

“And your skin should be softer …. and more sensitive all over, “said Rick with excitement.

John moaned as his body tingled, pleasure flowing up and down his body. Every part of his body felt good, but even better where Rick touched him. Rick began to yell more changes.

“Thinner waist…. wider hips…. thicker thighs…. bigger breasts….”

John tried to protest but the speed of the changes was overwhelming. Combined with the increased pleasure he felt, it was hard to think much less voice a complaint.

“Tighter pussy…”

John gasped as he felt his vagina shrink, tightly gripping Rick’s dick. He could feel every inch of Rick’s cock as it pushed its way around his vaginal walls.

“Tighter… even more tight…” grunted Rick.

“Stop…” moaned John as his vagina shrank even more. Rick was having difficulty pulling his penis out now, groaning as he tugged and tried to get it out. “It’s too much…”

“Even tighttterrrr …” groaned Rick as he finally reached climax inside John.

Rick pulled out with a loud audible pop, but it was too late. A large amount of cum leaked out of John’s small vagina. He looked up at Rick with hateful indignation.

“Whoops, sorry,” said Rick with a sly smile. “I’ll make it up to you.”

“Make it up to me? Thanks to you I am stuck like this! How in the hell do you think you can make it up to me?” asked John angrily.

“How about if we try it in your ass this time?” asked Rick hopefully.


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