Power Phrase |Fuck|

“Alright, Ted, what did you want to see me about? You can’t tell me I came all this way just to look at a stupid book.”

I laughed, “No, man, you don’t get it. This isn’t any ordinary book, it’s a magical book that taught me all kinds of cool tricks. They’re called ‘power phrases.’”

“Power phrases? Like what?”

Raising my hand and pointing towards Dan, I said: |Transform Into Woman|

Before he could say a word in reply, Dan started to change. Small changes at first, like a softening of the skin, but then his hips became more ladylike, and breasts blossomed from his chest. Hair trickled down from his scalp and his face contorted into a more feminine shape. Dan, lost in the moment, gasped lightly when his penis shrank into his body, creating the folds of a fresh vagina.

Opening /her/ eyes, Dan shivered and glared at me. She was pretty cute!

“What the FUCK what that for? How is this even possible!? Why would you do that, of all things, to me? Change me back this instant!” Clearly raging, she reached for me and the book.

Quickly, I said |Calm|.

Instantly, Dan slowed and dropped her arm, and paused in place, taking two deep breaths to relax. “I’m sorry, I got out of control there. I would really appreciate it if you would change me back into a man again.”

“Haha, I’m not so sure I want to do that yet. I think I’d like to keep trying new things with this book, and it’s easier with a guinea pig like yourself.”

“Fair enough, you’ll change me back when you’re ready, I’m sure. I can be a man about it.”

“Hmm… how about this word,” I raised my hands at the new girl and said |Obey|.

Dan suddenly snapped to attention, still calm as she had been so far. “What would you like me to do, Ted?”

“Pick a name for yourself. A girl’s name.”

“I would like to be called Alicia. I have always thought it would be a pretty name for a girl.”

This was going better than I thought! “Okay, Alicia, here’s another one for you.” |Confess Thoughts|

Sighing, Alecia spoke truthfully. “I know that I am still a man, and I hate you so much right now. I want you to change me back into a man, so I have been playing along as best I can so that I can steal the book from you when I have an opportunity. Changing you into a girl for revenge is the best thing I can possibly think of doing right now.

“Well, damn! You almost had me, Alicia. Here’s thing, I’ll make this a lot easier for you.” Flipping through the book quickly, I found the command I was looking for. |Clear Thoughts|

The girl blinked at me with those gorgeous eyes I gave her, confused. “Was I just saying something? I can’t seem to remember very much right now.”

“I’ll help you with that, Alicia. You were saying that you know that of course you have always been a woman, and that you love me very much right now. You’ve wanted me to get you undressed, so you’ve been playing a sexy hard to get so that you can get into bed with me as soon as you have the opportunity. Fucking me is the best thing you can possibly think of doing right now.”

Smiling, Alicia let her night gown slip off her body. “Well, big boy, here’s a power phrase for you. Fuck me.”


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