“Poke-her” Night

“Heh-Heh! The boys’ll get a kick outta these babies!” Don said as he jiggled his colossal new breasts.
“I bet they will. Just remember, looking had better be all that they do, ‘Donna’.” Don’s witch girlfriend, Miranda warned.
“Ah, no worries babe. Like I’d let any of those schlubs cop a feel! Heh, I’m just gonna dazzle ’em with these titties and swindle ’em outta the money.” Don reassured her and then buttoned up her tight top just enough as she walked out the door and headed for the weekly poker night with the boys. Much later, while reading her spell book, Miranda worried what was taking Don so long when she reread the spell that she had cast on her boyfriend. She was horrified to discover that the one transformed by the spell would become hornier and hornier for men the longer they were under the spell. She feared the worst as she already knew that have sex while under the spell would make the transformation permanent! Meanwhile, Don was becoming “Donna” permanently as her poker buddies gangbanged her on the card table. They had now found a new reason to get together every week…


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