The perfect man

James was still getting used to being a woman.

Still getting used to the fact that he found man attractive

Still getting used to fingering himself and sticking a dildo between his legs trying to build up the courage to have a real man one day.

Which he could not bring himself to do so he went to see a local sex therapist.

As he was no longer really getting what he needed from his fingers and his new female bodies hormones were driving him crazy and distracting him from everyday life.

They had several sessions where they talked about his in a most fears & desires trying to help him get used to his new situation and accept his new body gender and the fact that he was a heterosexual female whose body was crying out for what only a man could give it.

The therapist suggested a practice device a bit like the practice baby they gave expected mothers to practice on.

Something that would help him get used to seeing a man in his bed.

Two days later his practice device was delivered & set up in the bedroom for him to use for the next couple of weeks.

He sat around and had a couple of glasses of white wine trying to pluck up the courage to go in there and see it.

But once he did he could not believe what they expected him to play with it was practically a shop dummy with a hard-on.

He did not know if it was the alcohol surging through his veins or the plastic member in front of him but he was feeling quite turned on and stripped down to just his knickers and sat there staring at it.

Before rubbing some sticky lube onto the plastic member and lowering himself down upon it feeling the initial shock of being penetrated that was quickly replaced by the feeling of joy & sexual happiness as he rode it sliding up and down it getting faster with every thrust.


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