Do what you are ordered

I don’t know what he did. But my so called friend James started to give me orders, and I had no choice but to do what he said. “Stand up” he said, to which I answered “why would I do that? ” without realizing I had indeed stood up. “Walk towards the window and stay looking at it” he said. I had no choice I just did what he said. “How are you doing this?! stop it!” I yelled. He didn’t answer, he just continued giving me orders. “You are 5’2″ tall”. That was a weird request, it was one thing to move as he ordered, but become a whole foot shorter is just stupid. I changed in no time, I felt the whole room get bigger as I became shorter. “Why? why are you changing me?”, still no answer.

“You have long curly hair” he said. It felt like if some one tried to pull my hair out. I grabbed my new hair, it was soft. “You have a thinner waist, and a round ass” he ordered next. I felt my waist squeeze, while my ass grew bigger. “Take your clothes off”, that was just sick, why would he want to see me naked. I did as he ordered. “You have no body hair”. It felt like if my skin was burning, which cause my body hair to fade away.

“You have small perky breasts”, it wasn’t until that moment that I knew he was turning me into a girl. It felt like if I had a couple of balloons inside my chest, and they were slowly getting pumped. I touched them, I coudn’t believe how real they felt. The whole thing gave me an erection, which made this whole thing a lot more awkard. “Please stop it!” I yelled once again. “You have a hight pitched sexy woman’s voice”. I didn’t want to say a thing, I was scared of hearing my new voice.

“Say goodbye to your little friend” he said, I had no choice but to say outloud: “goodbye little friend” while waving at my equipment. “You don’t have balls and a penis, you have a pussy, ovaries, you know, the whole deal”. This part although scary was orgasmic, right after the transformation, I felt my new pussy get wet. “Your face, and the rest of your body is feminine too” he said. I felt like if someone puched me in the face. Somehow I could feel how different my face was. “You are 18 years old”, well, at least that wish made a few years younger, I thought.

“Please, I am no woman, I am a man, turn me back!” I said. “Turn around” he said. He was holding a mirror, I was amazed at my reflection, I indeed looked like a woman. “Please” I started crying, “I want you to turn me back”. He smiled, “You have always been a woman. Your name is Kim, and you are my girlfriend”. Those words entered my head and pierced through my brain. I felt sick, but immidiately after, I felt happy. I knew I was naked, but that was alright, I was about to lose my virginity to my boyfriend James. I cleaned the tears off my face, “sorry, I am just excited, this is my first time” I told him. He got naked, and I guided him towards my bed.


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