Henry sat outside drinking beer when he blacked out. When he woke he had long silky hair, boobs, a shaved pussy, soft skin and smooth legs with tats, and was wearing a tight red top and extreme platform heels. The Great Shift was to blame and now Henry would never be the same!

He actually tried to get up in those shoes, and he fell several times before trying to take them off. Looking in a mirror in an unfamiliar house, he seen his new form, he was one hot chick. Then it occurred to him from his many night of net porn, he was somehow Lisa Lips, a fetish porn star.

Turning on the TV, he seen he was a victim of the Great Shift, but realized with a body like this, he might not be a victim! Henry was stunned of course, but he was also full of new ideas and desires, as his new female sex drive took over! He was fairly sure he was into men now, as the news reporter on TV looked like a hunk. What would he do? Would he keep being a porn star? He thought maybe, as he wanted to taste a cock already!


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