Kyle slowly went down to the basement where his father was fixing his invention. “How is it going” He asked. His father turned around and sighed “Not so well but i promise you i will fix this. I know it must be hard for you to suddenly find yourself in your older sister’s body but you just need to wait” He said and went back to his work. Kyle left the basement and went to his sister’s room where he was sleeping for the past week since the accident that swapped their bodies. He layed on the bed and took her phone. Then he tucked up his shirt showing of her breasts and took a picture. He didn’t know how long it will take to fix the machine so he decided not to waste any time. Since he became his sister he often took photos for his friends. Either fully naked, dressed up in sexy lingerie and taking kinky poses or just flashing her breasts. After taking another set of pictures he send them to his friend so he could share with the rest. Unfortunately for Kyle the machine couldn’t be fixed, just like his mistake. Now Kyle will have live as his sister and deal with the fact that his naked photos were on the internet and he became the sexual fantasy of thousands of guys.


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