Perks of a Shapeshifter

Kevin wasn’t your average teenager. He had the special ability to shape shift into a perfect copy of anyone he had seen in person.

His favourite thing to do was take the shape of people who had pissed him off at school and have some fun in their bodies. Most of the time he would do something embarrassing in their body. Like take the shape of a teacher and drop his pants in the hallway for all the students to laugh at. Or turn into the class bully and make obvious passes on the gay kid.

Today Kristy Miller turned him down for a date, so Kevin went home and promptly took her form. “She is pretty sexy,” He said in Kristy’s high soprano voice as he looked at himself in the mirror. “Now let’s check out the the boob situation.” Kevin took off his top and began to play with his borrowed breasts. “Not bad, although I like them a little bigger.” Kevin focused and suddenly his breasts grew a full cup size. “Mmmmm ya that’s more like it.”

As Kevin leaned back on his bed, absently stroking his wet slit, he wondered if he should record his little masturbation session with Kristy’s body and upload it to the internet.

Being a shapeshifter certainly had its perks.


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