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“Haha! This is like a dream!” Josh laughed to himself as he jiggled his newly acquired breasts in front of the mirror to his own amusement. Read more

Man Up!

It had taken months for Darrel to accept his new female body. Before the Great Shift he had been a military general close to retirement. A real hardboiled man’s man. After he found himself in this tiny, soft, teenage flesh, he was so embarrassed that he didn’t talk to anyone or leave the house for weeks. He kept up hopes that some scientists, somewhere, would find a way to fix it. Read more

MAU – Flexible

“Wow, this feels so different!” Donald said in his honey sweet voice as he exited the MAU. “After this you turn me back then I get to pick a hot female body for you right?” Read more

Are You Even Listening?

“Now just because you’re inside my body because of that stupid swap class, doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want with it.” Rachel explained over the phone to Tom. “You have to keep my vegan diet, you have to jog at least at least 10 km a day…” Read more

Submit – Part 5

My vagina clenched around his perfect cock as he thrust it in and out of me. Our tongues intertwined and I could still taste my pussy juices on him. He was relentless, fucking me so hard I couldn’t think straight. Read more

Submit – Part 4

My body was betraying me. It was impossible to ignore the wonderful pleasures from my pussy. He continued lick my clit, then without warning he plunged two fingers inside me. God, he was inside me and it felt amazing! His fingers moved faster and faster and I could feel something incredible building up within me. Read more

Submit – Part 3

I was overwhelmed by this luscious body. My nipples were erect, my pussy was wet, and everything was enhanced by the intense feeling of vulnerability. She had complete control over me, it was scary yet thrilled me in ways I never thought possible. Read more