Brian was shocked and horrified when his girlfriend told him that she wanted to get her breasts reduced in size.

He could not understand why she wanted to get rid of her greatest feature.

Brenda tried to explain to him what it was like living with breasts the size she had & the way that nobody spoke to your face only to your chest & how they always got in the way no matter how carefully you strap them down or just the sheer weight of them that was doing her back no good.

Brian was upset that she was even thinking about doing it he loved her massive funbags and told her that things weren’t as bad as she painted it to be and there must be some upsides to it all.

Brenda told Brian if he loved her large voluptuous breasts so much why didn’t he try them out for himself.

She told him if he could spend a whole week without complaining about the weight the size or the way they got in the way all the time she would keep them but if not she was going to get them reduced.

They both went to the local swap centre and exchange bodies and straight away Brian got what she meant about the weight on her back despite them being trapped in a very good bra it was like somebody had straped a couple of bags of sugar to his chest.

He had so much difficulty getting used to is higher centre of gravity and the extra weight pulling him forward and after just two days with her body he was already complaining about the weight and the way they stopped him from doing everyday things he was finally starting to understand what she meant about them.

Thinking that he had lost the bet they would change back immediately he had another thing coming she told him he might have lost the bet but he had that body for another 5 days.

But told him everything wasn’t so bad as she started massaging her former breasts showing Brian how sensitive they were and Brenda could tell Brian was already getting turned on in her body and before either of them knew what they were doing Brian was naked and bent over the couch whilst Brenda in his former body took him from behind causing his large breasts to swing back and forward as they dangle down from his chest like a pair of pendulums.


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