The Collar

The bastard tricked me. He tricked me into putting on this cursed dog collar that changed me into a submissive bitch. Yeah, so I was drunk at the time. That’s no excuse for what he did. Changing a dude into a chick as a joke is one thing, but he never planned to change me back. When he held the leash, I couldn’t refuse him anything. He ordered me not to remove the collar then he used me! God, hated him for it. He would parade me around, half naked in public, on that damn leash. I was so humiliated. Then there were the blow jobs. Always before and after sex. Sex whenever he felt like it. I planned my revenge a million times, but only in my mind. My body could only act as he commanded. Then came the accident. I really don’t remember it. We were in his car, there was a crash then, nothing. I woke in the hospital and I was a man again. The collar was gone. How did that happen? A doctor came to see me. He said I only had a slight concussion and could go, but my friend was in a coma. He then chuckled and said we had caused some confusion in the ER. The paramedics had reported they were bringing in a man and a woman, so everyone was surprised when two men were removed from the ambulance. Soon a nurse brought me clothes and a bag with my personal items. In the bag was the collar and leash. The paramedics must have removed it in the ambulance. When I got home, grass and weeds covered the yard. News papers were stacked on the porch. How long had he kept me as his slave girl? That’s another thing I owe him for. I hope the bastard recovers so I can have my revenge. Weeks pass. I keep up with his recovery, while at the same time planning and rejecting ever more diabolical acts of vengeance. Finally, I learn he has left the hospital and gone home. Now it’s my turn! There was shock in his eyes when he opened the door and saw the male me standing before him. I followed him in as he backed away from me. He looked weak and frail from the accident. There was terror on his face when I reached into the bag and removed the collar. I held it up before him, then buckled it around my own neck. As I changed, I handed my master the leash. His slave had come home.


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