Payback is a witch

“You thought you could cheat on me and me not finding out?!”, Karen screamed at her now former boyfriend. “We had it good. We loved each other. And you threw all of that away? And for what? So you could fuck Kelly behind my back?!”

“Baby please….”, Harvey pleaded.

Karen sneered at her ex-boyfriend: “You had your chance and you blew it. Live with the consequenses”.

“I will be better. Just turn me back into a man”, He was naked on the floor, begging on his very knees. “I didn´t know you were a witch. Just give me one more chance”, his eyes was beginning to tearing up.

“Witch or not, you don´t cheat on your girlfriend of five years!”, Karen almost screamed at the terrified girl that was Harvey. He began to sob.
“As part of your punishment I´ve have brought in a small suprise for you. Carl, you can come in now!”

A door opened and a well built naked man entered the room. His dick was long even in the flaccid state.
“She´s all yours”, Karen said and sweeped her arm against Harvey.
The man picked up Harvey from the floor with his strong arms and carried him over to the sofa. Carl took a firm grip of Harvey´s wide hips and began to insert his now erect cock into Harvey´s wet pussy and mounted him from behind.
The feeling was both terrifying and delightful as the eight inch meat rocketmade its journey through her body.
It was no question now that Harvey had gone from giver to reciever and it scared her.

“Enjoying it, hmm?”, Karen mocked when seeing Harvey´s mixed expressions of enjoyment and fear.
The strong hands held her hips in place and the thick cock was sliding in and out of her in an ever increasing pace so Harvey could only respond with an “hngh”.
“Here´s the best part”, Karen said gleefully, “The man behind you is no other than that skank Kelly. My magic transformed her into what you have behind you right now and my mind control spell made her very suspectible to my commands”.

“What? Noo…hngh”. Harvey tried to make a plea when another wave of pleasure hit him.

“Don´t tell me you don´t like it. You have even started to meet up with his thrusts. Anyway, when he cums in you both your fates will be sealed. The semen will lock you both into your current bodies.
And as a kicker, congrats to motherhood. In about nine months you will give birth to a wonderful little baby. I´ve made sure for that to happen”.

Just as Karen was about to close the door she heard how Carl grunted loudly whilst pressing his cock as far into Harvey as much as he could.
Harvey felt the jets of cum spurt up inside her body and how the pulsing cock triggered her first female orgasm.
Karen could hear the feminine moans even as she was walking down the corridor in the apartment complex.


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