Partners in everything

“Oh wow!” Joe said between lapping at Tom’s nipple.

“I know, right!?” Tom said, pausing licking Joe’s nipple.

“This is like, too good. Thank goodness we each offered that stripper $1000 to kiss her boobs and thank goodness she thought the offer was insulting enough that she’d turn us into chicks with boobs of our own!” Joe said.

“I wouldn’t have believed witches were real if it wasn’t for the tit I’m sucking on and the tit you’re sucking on!” Tom said.

“You wanna… umm, explore down below? My pussy is aching for some attention.” Joe said.

“Later. I love sucking on your boob almost as much as I love you sucking on my boob!” Tom said and got back to sucking.

“Mmhhh, shit! I can’t believe we’re stuck like this earns back ten times your offer in tips working at the strip club! Each!” Joe said.

“Dude, I never want to go to that strip club again! Why would I ever want to give up these tits?” Tom said.

Joe paused, “But then I’m stuck this way too!”

“So?” Tom asked and started sucking on Joe’s nipple again.

“Mmmngh… Good point.” Joe said.

Of course, without undoing the spell the two of them were stuck with no ID and only their bodies as assets. It didn’t take them long to learn that getting fucked by guys felt pretty good too, and how much money guys would pay to fuck the two of them at once. They’d live a very happy, horny life together.


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