“Hey I’m- Agh! God damn it Steven can’t you get blown in your own room?” Wallace said as he walked in on his roommate getting some vigorous head from a hot blond chick.

“Wallace, you’re not gonna fucking believe this!” Steven said as the girl continued to suck him off.

“Believe you found a girl to suck you off… who isn’t stopping even thought I walked in… Ok, that is kind of special, well done.” Wallace said a little enviously.

“No not that! Well, actually exactly that. You won’t believe it, this chick will do anything someone tells her to do!”

“Bullshit. Why would she do that… she’s really not stopping…” Wallace said as he couldn’t help but stare now.

“You’re really not gonna believe this. Go ahead and stop.” Steven said to the girl, who blinked and then pulled off Steven’s cock slowly, a long trail of saliva connecting her lips to it. She wiped her mouth and blushed as she finally made eye contact with Wallace. “Tell Wallace your name.” Steven said.

“Reggie Quinn.” The girl said in a quiet voice.

“Bullshit. Reggie is over six feet tall and two hundred pounds of muscle, that chick’s what? Five foot four and a hundred pounds? No way that’s Reggie in drag and there’s no way you’d let Reggie in drag suck you off.” Wallace said.

“It’s true! I got her to tell me she was Reggie! Apparently Reggie got a little too aggressive with some girl at a bar, and that girl was a witch. She turned Reggie into this obedient little slut. Go ahead and try her out, she’s been sucking my dick all day.” Steven said.

“Go to my bedroom and strip and stick your ass up in the air and wait for me.” Wallace said and watched the girl go and do as he said. There was no way it was true, but he could pretend. Reggie had always been a pain in the ass, and if this chick was Reggie he could repay that favor in kind…

“I know this is some kind of trick.” Wallace said as he walked slowly towards his room.

“No trick. Don’t worry about being too rough with her. I commanded her to enjoy doing anything she was told to do twice as much as the person who told her to do it enjoys it.”

“And that works?” Wallace said incredulously.

“You should have seen her spasm as I shot my load in her mouth earlier. It was like something straight out of a porno.”

Wallace was skeptical, but he didn’t care. The girl was clearly pretty willing. He’d fuck her ass, imagining the moaning woman he was dominating was Reggie. Maybe later he’d try and find out who she really was. Or maybe he’d just fuck her more.


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