Yesssssssss I’ve done it, I’m in her body! I’m her! The spell actually worked!

I have always admired my mom, always looked up to her, always wanted to be just like her.

Recently however those feelings turned into something more than that. I began wishing to be her, to experience what it’s like to actually be her

I started thinking of how it feels to have her breasts, feeling them bounce and jiggle about. I saw her bras and other assorted lingerie and dreamed of how it would feel to be wearing them and filling them with her womanly curves.

I wanted to know how it felt to have her vagina, in all its glory. How it feels both during sex and in normal day to day business too. I once saw a used tampon of hers and I came so hard for days thinking of how it would feel to experience her period for myself.

And then I found this spell, this spell promised me that I could take over her body. I could finally get to experience being her.

Hmmmm she seems to be wearing some very naughty things…. This seems to be her wedding lingerie….

Uh oh….oh god….I’ve made a massive miscalculation. I’ve not just taken over her body, I’ve gone back in time too and it looks like it might be her wedding night. If that’s true then I’m also already about 2 months pregnant with myself.

This is crazy!!!

If that’s all true then….. oh my!!! It means I’m my own mother! In a few months I’ll give birth to me! I’ll breastfeed myself! I’ll feel everything I always dreamed of!

This is so amazing, all this time of longing to be her and I was all along. This has been my destiny!!!


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