An Inspired Revelation

OH MY GOD! The thought ripped through my mind. My breath came in ragged gasps around the ball gag. Sweat dripped off my swaying tits and still the enormous dildo pounded my spasming pussy. Ropes kept my legs splayed wide while the bitch behind me, both hands knotted in my long hair, jerked me back to meet the next thrust of her strap-on . The only sound, other than her grunts and my moans, was the slap of plastic balls against my ass. How long has this been going on? Will she never tire? I don’t think my heart can take another orgasm! My heart?! It’s beating as if to keep time with the vibrations coming from the rubber monster assaulting my insides. AIEEEEE! Another orgasm crashes over me and I get tunnel vision then, nothing. When I come to, I’m free and the pounding has stopped.

How was that, Dave?

Oh god, Tim. That was the best yet. You’ve really got to try this new strap-on. I nominate it for the top spot in our collection.

Heh, heh. I don’t know, Dave. You’re the one that likes it rough. Personally, I like it a bit more sedate. Think I’ll stick with the old ten incher. Come on. We need to get changed back. The girls will be here for our dates in an hour and we don’t want them finding a couple of strange women here, do we?

Dave and Tim were best friends and roommates who had come into the possession of a spell book that allowed them to change their sex. Both were curious about trying sex as women, but heeded the warning about one drop of male semen making the change permanent. In a moment of inspiration, they realized if they were both female, the chance of an accident would be nil. It was this revelation that led to many adventures such as the one described above and for two men, an exceedingly large and growing collection of dildos and strap-on’s.


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