Change of Situation

Jed was ready to join the fun at the group sex session with the rest of the guys, with a hot girl the center attention. He was a bit late to the party, while the rest of the guys were already at it with her. Then suddenly Jed blacked out before even arriving. When he woke, he felt small and strange, with hair in his face, tiny weights on his chest, and a wet crotch. As he removed the hair from his eyes, he was staring at two huge cocks.

One guy Gary said, “Oh baby that’s it.”

Jed looked down at his new body, realizing he had boobs and a pussy! Around him all the guys that were to attend the group sex party. Then he realized if they were there, and he had boobs and a pussy, somehow, someway he was now Dixie Stroker, the center of the attention! He was the hot slut at the sex party! He was put off at first, but his body’s hormones and desires flooded him, and he was stunned all these men looked good to him? Meanwhile the woman in his body came barging in.

“Am I late for the party,” she asked in his body!

“That’s my body! What have you done, Dixie,” said Jed with Dixie’s voice.

“Dixie Stroker, are you high or something? I know sometimes chicks get high to do things like this. You are crazy, I’m Jed. You’re Dixie. Now get suckin’,” said the new Jed, not even flinching.

When the new Jed got near the new Dixie, he did whisper into her ear, “The swap worked perfectly, dear. I was tired of being the town skank, so now that is bestowed on you. No one will ever believe a body swap, so you best get used to it or be committed to the funny farm. Serves you right for spreading things around town about how bad of a person I was, I guess those words are against you now, since you are me now! Have a nice life Dixie Stroker, and you better put out at this party too, these guys paid good money for this, and I doubt they will let you leave without servicing each and every one!”

Tears rolled down the new Dixie’s face, stuck as Dixie Stroker, and almost having to have sex with all these men! Her new desires would help however, she was a slut now in a slutty horny body!


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