Not Bored Anymore

On holiday, left alone in my hotel room, not allowed to leave the hotel, bored out of my mind. I decide my best option is to go down to the hotel pool and have a swim, Mum never said I couldn’t do that.

At least this is a nice hotel and the pool area is cool. Although I hoped I would be alone, but there’s about 10 other people here, all guys too. Ugh… Whatever

I step in the heated pool and muck around for a while until inevitably I get bored again. I sit at the side of the pool and just look around. I notice a Dad and two of his kids playing in the smaller pool, god they’re so loud and annoying. I look around at all of the other people just hogging up the pool area. Why have there got to be so many people here at this time of the day? And why have they got to be guys?! I wish there was at least a hot girl for me to look at.

I keep looking around and notice there is a hot girl over by the small pool… Wait… When did she get there? And where is the other kid? meh. something to look at. And wow is she beautiful. I would love to see whats under that bikini.

All of a sudden she starts taking her bikini off in front of all these people as if no ones looking… Wait… Did I do that? And when did she even get here? I’ve been on the lookout for a chick to enter this place ever since I got here, but she just seemed to appear during the split second a looked away… um… I wish she would strip while looking at me…And she does.

You’re kidding…

I wish nobody else noticed. This is normal. Everyone stops drooling and carries on with their arduous luxuriation. She sexily looks at me while taking off her panties.

I wish she was intensely attracted to me and couldn’t help but beg for me to fuck her. She walks over while completely naked. “Um, excuse me. I saw you from across the pool and I um…” She sits down next to me and her hand unconsciously starts moving towards her wet pussy. “I was wondering if you could please… um…” Her voice almost trembling from embarrassment. Her face goes bright red and her hand is tightly held between her legs while she makes the slightest humping motion, eyes occasionally darting down to my crotch. “Could you please fuck me?…”. This is awesome!

I can hardly believe it, I can make whatever I want to happen, happen. “Yes, but only if you blow me first.” I say to the girl who is now uncontrollably making a humping motion into her hand. Her face completely lights up as if shes been told she’s won the lottery. “Yes! thank you!”

I stand up out of the pool and she start eagerly taking off my pants. She proceeds to give one of the most amazing blowjob I have ever received. “What’s your name by the way?” I ask. “I *slurp*… Um *slurp* don’t know *slurp*.” She says between breaths. “Huh? Then where did you come from?”. “I was *slurp* over by the *slurp* small pool *slurp* playing with my *slurp*… um… *Slurp*… I can’t remember.”

Wait is she one of the kids playing with their Dad? I look over and see the Dad playing with his (now one) child as if nothing has changed.

She increases speed until I can’t hold it anymore and cum in her mouth… I look at her, with her mouth full of cum… “Swallow, you love the taste of cum.”. She immediately gulps down my entire load as if she was desperately hydrating herself . “Mmm, your cum tastes sooooo nice.” She says while smiling & licking her lips. She then proceeds to lick the rest of my cock.

I look back at the Dad and think. “Meh, he doesn’t care”. In fact no one does. No one is even looking at us.

She finishes up with my cock and turns around and presents her ass to me, pussy dripping a pool of its own. She looks at me with desperate eyes. “Ok, from now on you are mine, you will do everything I say and love doing it. And you are overwhelmingly happy about this.” I say

“Yes of course master!” She says with a big smile on her face, almost bouncing with joy.

“First things first” I look around at the rest of the people in the pool area. “Everyone else here is now a beautiful horny girl in their mid 20’s and you all want nothing more than to fuck each other.”

My life is certainly not boring now


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