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Saint Peter’s a Dick

Brad had a feeling he might’ve made a mistake crossing the street when he looked up from his phone in time to see the eighteen-wheeler slam into him. When he opened his eyes on a bright, blue abyss with a single stairway rising skyward, he felt even more nervous. But it wasn’t until he saw the dude in the suit coming down to meet him that he realized he well and truly fucked up. Only assholes wore suits. Read more

Option Number Two

Jake was dead. He just died about 45 seconds ago. He was an older man who died of cancer, he left behind a wife, 4 children, and 2 grandchildren with one more on the way. Once he died he saw the major times in his life, his birth, when he first met his wife, and the birth of all of his children and grand children, with the slideshow ending at his untimely death. But Jake saw a light and moved to it, the next thing he heard was a calming voice, that seemed to come from no one in particular. Read more