Once every new moon

Funny how wishes are misinterpreted most of the time. When my aunt passed away, I inherited her wishing stone. I thought about wishing to be wealthy, or having the perfect girlfriend, you know, the usual stuff. I knew exactly how the stone worked. My aun had thought me well. I knew that for every wish I made for myself, I had to previously had made a wish for some one in need. She never told me what she had wished before, but I knew she had only used the stone once.

Anyways, I knew the perfect person to help. My best friend was immensely shy, he couldn’t even talk to a woman without stuttering. So after thinking about it, I came up with my first wish, “I wish my best friend finds a girlfriend soon, and that she helps him be more confident”. The stone started glowing blue. A few seconds later its glow was so intense that I was blinded by it. When the light subsided I was in a different bedroom. “Wait… I didn’t wish anything for myself” I said outloud.

I saw a mirror close to the door. I walked towards it, I felt so light while doing so. Once I saw my reflection on the mirror I fell to the floor. “No no no! that can’t be real” I said. But I knew it was, my round ass had softened my fall. I looked at my hands, they were quite feminine. I stood up again, and walked towards the mirror. I looked at my hourglass figure. “Wow! I am hot” I said outloud. I looked around and saw the stone lying on the floor. “Maybe I can wish myself back” I thought. I grabbed the stone, and wished to undo this. But the stone didn’t glow. “Oh shit” I yelled when I remembered I could only use the stone once after each new moon. I had to pretend to be this girl for at least a couple of weeks.

I looked through her drawers, and found her purse. Inside of it, I found her id, where I read her name. Funny how it sounded familiar. I checked her phone and saw she had an interview today. I got dressed, and was amazed how easy it was to apply makeup. In no time I was walking sexily out of the hotel room. I was supposed to meet my new boss at a local coffee shop. Imagine my surprise when I found out it was my best friend. I smiled at the fact that I saw a familiar face. “He.. heelloo…” he said stuttering. That’s when I realized how my wish had worked. I was that girl, I was the girl who is supposed to become his girlfriend, and teach him to be more confident.

The interview didn’t go out so well, but still, I laughed at his jokes, I kinda flirted a little with him. Sadly I didn’t get the job, maybe he saw my flirting innapropiate. But I knew he liked me, so I waited outside the coffee shop for him the next day. I pretended it was a coincidence. We sat on the same table again. This time the pressure was off. As expected, he didn’t speak much, and when he did, he stuttered; I couldn’t believe how talkative I was. I was telling him about my life, my family. I was amazed how much I knew about my new body. It was like I had never been a man before. Thankfully, he got a little more confident and asked me out on a date “to…tomorrow at at six o’clock” he said. I agreed and after exchanging phone numbers, I kissed him in his right cheek and left.

I couldn’t believe how easy everything was. I kind of felt attracted to him. Which was kind of weird. The next day the date was wonderfull, he treated me like a lady. I insinuated several times I wanted to sleep with him, but he had no clue. We went out for several dates. I could see his stuttering fading away as he got to know me better. Exactly one day before the new moon, he finally invited me to his place. Where after lighting some candles, and being massaged by him, we had sex. It was wonderful. And a lot better that I would have imagined. He just made me feel so hot. I still had to give him some pointers, but he was quite good at it.

The next day I looked at the wishing stone. I knew tonight was the new moon, I could finally wish myself back. But as I was about to make my wish, I saw a picture of him on my phone. I felt goosebumps, which made me realize how much in love I felt. I locked the stone inside its box. And realized I would never make another wish. “Maybe, when I am old, I can give the stone to a nephew of my own” I thought.


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