First time out

“You’re going or you plan to stand there all day?” Zoey was becoming impatient. “Yeah, it’s not like you can hide forever. You have to go out” Natalie tried to encourage her friend. “But… Do i really have to wear this?” Gary slowly stuck his head outside. “Come on, it’s perfectly fine for you to wear such clothes” Zoey said and went closer. She grabbed his hand and pulled him outside. Garry tried to resist but it was hard to do so in high heels. “See, it didn’t hurt” Zoey smiled. “I feel like a pervert” Gary complained, he really felt embarrassed wearing a skirt in public. “How many times we have to go through this? You’re a girl now and it’s normal for girls to wear skirts” Natalie said. “But i was a guy a week ago” Gary cried. “And now you’re a girl. Listen to me, you have to accept it. There is no way out form this. Your name is Grace. You’re a beautiful and stunning young woman and you should be proud of it” Zoey said. “Now let’s go to the bar. You’re going to chill out and get used to show your new form in public. Maybe you will meet some new people” Natalie took hm by the arm. “Trust me, it will be fun” Zoey smiled and they went towards the nearest bar. “Ugh, this is going to be such a pain” Gary groaned as the two girls guided him.


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