Office ladies

Gabe shielded his eyes from the sun and sighed as the handbag chafed against his left tit. He was getting tired of the constant complaining from his friend Jake right next to him as they walked to work.

“Jeez, do these office skirts have to be so short? I feel like I’m gonna flash my…my…you know, at any moment if the wind picks up,” Jake whined.

“Your VAGINA, your twat, cunt, snatch, pussy…at least have the balls to say the word!” Gabe said. “And stop complaining, it’s YOUR fault that we both have them now as well as tits and these stupid white blouses and black miniskirts and Mary Janes! At least your skirt doesn’t have a thigh slit cut into it to potentially flash even more of your pussy to the whole wide world!”

Jake was silent for a moment and then said: “You’re right, and I’m sorry Gabe. I really shouldn’t have kept hitting on those office ladies in Yokohama while we were on leave from ship. I was drunk and irresponsible, and I should’ve taken ‘No’ for an answer. If not for my aggressiveness, we might still be wearing our Navy whites instead of these uniforms. I’m so so sorry.”

“Apology accepted, shipmate,” said Gabe with a sigh. “You were just doing what any red-blooded intoxicated American male would’ve done when surrounded by beautiful Japanese women. Who would’ve known those office ladies had Shinto magic at their disposal? Now they’ve stolen our bodies and careers and everything else. They’re probably sailing around the world while we’re stuck here in Japan with their dead-end ‘office lady’ jobs. We’re never gonna get Stateside again at this rate.”

“Well, there’s something we might try,” Jake said, raising his left arm to shyly wave at those Navy boys on the dockside. “What’dya say we grab those boys and get ’em to propose to us? They could take us to the States and then we could divorce ’em and then track down those girls in our bodies.”

Gabe looked at them and decided it wasn’t a bad idea after all. “You’re one sick bastard, Jake, but if this works and we snag those girls in our bodies, I’ll let you switch back first and personally give you a blowjob to celebrate.”


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