A favor

It happened two months after I started dating Kim. She was one of the hottest and smartest girls I’ve ever met. Before I met her she was a dating a moron. Apparently, her ex had her doing some weird stuff, and I don’t know why, but she was powerless to resist. One day, she took a small stone-less ring off her hand. While crying, she told me that the ring was all she had kept from him. “It is time to let go” she said, she wrote a note, and asked me to go throw the note and ring at her ex’s front porch. “Anything to help you feel better” I told her.

I drove towards his home, and as I parked outside, I took a look at the ring. It had no engraving nor anything, it was just a plain ring. “He must be a cheap bastard” I said outloud. I took the ring, and decided to put it on my finger. I was surprised it fit. “Maybe I can punch his face with it” I thought. I got out of the car, and walked towards the door. I know Kim just asked me to throw it, but I felt like I should see the guy and yell at his face. While I was walking, I felt some slight changes on the way I was walking. My hips were swaying, plus I was tiptoeing.

I looked down, and noticed, my clothes were different, I was wearing a gray dress. I was wearing heels, probably why I thought I was tiptoeing. I could feel my long blonde hair bouncing off my shoulders. My breasts were being pressed by my black bra. I knew that should have made me uncomfortable, but it just felt right. When I got to the door, it was open, so I decided to sneak in. “Over here” I heard a manly voice. I continued walking and entered the main bedroom. As soon as I saw the guy, I knew what Kim saw in him, he was quite a hunk.

He was talking on his cellphone. So, to get his attention, I quickly unzipped my dress, and took it up. I couldn’t help but smile, I hadn’t fell this hot since… well… ever. “You like what you see?” I asked him. He continued talking on his phone, “Oh yeah, your replacement is here, she is even better looking that you” he said and hung up the phone. I didn’t know what he was talking about. I walked towards him, and after taking my bra off, I guided his face to my breasts. It felt so great when he licked and squeezed them. I was so turned on, I felt wet in mere seconds. I know it isn’t my first time, but I sure felt like a young girl about to lose her virginity again. After ripping his pants off, I guided him towards my hot throbing pussy. I felt him go in, and I moaned like crazy whore.

That was months ago, I don’t know why, but he was a way with me, anything he asks me to do, I feel compelled to do. I never saw Kim again, which is fine, she wouldn’t have aprooved of me dating her ex anyways.


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