Odd one out

Out of all of his friends Tom was the odd one out, they all had big masculine body’s whilst Tom had more of a feminine petite body. He never felt uneasy around them because they were always so nice to him.
It was a Friday night and Tom was heading down to the usual hangout spot for him and his friends.
“Hey guys whats going on?” Tom said anxiously looking at his friends as they circled him “Tom do you know how feminine you look?” Said Max. “Yeah so what if i look feminine i’m still a guy” Tom said “well me and the guys have been thinking, this place could really use a woman’s touch and well you being the most feminine thought you’d be a great woman for us all to enjoy” Max said as pulled out a pair of white high heels from behind his back “Tom do you remember when i bought these for my wife that left me a month ago, well i want you to put these on and serve us as our woman”. ” And what if i say no” Tom said “well you don’t really have a choice” said Max as all four of them grabbed him and stripped him down to bare nothing “come on guys give me my stuff back i thought we were friends” Tom said standing there naked covering his manhood “OK” said Max as he threw down a pair of stockings and heels. Tom knew there was no way of getting out of this so he just submitted and put on the stockings and heels but as soon as he did he felt really sensitive and horny Tom looked down and to his surprise he now had to large perky tits and a soaking wet vagina. He looked up and saw that all of his friends were stripping “guys what did you do to me and what are you doing now?” Tom said anxiously as their huge dicks flopped out of their pants “were just going to brake in our new slut” Said Max as he sat on the sofa and pulled Tom on top of him. Tom moaned as Max’s dick stretched his wet pussy, the others later joined in fucking every hole Tom had.
“I hope you’re enjoying this as much as i am Tom” Max said as he pushed his dick as far as it could go into Tom’s vagina. For some reason Tom knew this is where he had always belonged.


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