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“God dammit our neighbors are always throwing these loud parties with their friends cant they just have A calm night for once!” said Micheal with an angered tone. “calm down honey they’ll settle soon” said his wife “you know what i’m going to do, i’m going to go over there and settle this like A man” Micheal said to his wife as he walked out of the door and towards his neighbors house.
Micheal made his way over to his neighbors house and the noises got louder and louder. Suddenly Micheal started to feel off, as he got closer and closer his body started to feel more and more sensitive and also a bit shorter.
Micheal made it to his neighbors front door and knocked…
Time passed and he knew no one was coming to the door so Micheal opened the door and took A step in, as soon as he did he felt a bit different somehow like his legs were smoother. Another step in and Micheal knew something was up, but he could do nothing he heard the door slam behind him and there were two black men standing around him naked. Micheal looked down to find that instead of being the man he was a few minutes ago he was now a slutty looking blonde woman wearing A purple mini-dress with sexy heels. “how can this b…” was all Micheal could make out before one of the men grabbed him and pulled him into the living room.
The man then proceeded to pull the ‘new’ Micheal on top of his cock rubbing Micheal’s new virgin pussy before Micheal could get up he felt the other man come up behind him and grab his ass pushing Micheal down onto the others cock. Micheal moaned as he felt the cock sliding in and out of his vagina. “Damn man your neighbor’s a slut” he heard one of the men say as another cock rubbed his ass…
In no time Micheal had his mini dress down round his belly while two cocks were drilling his two holes all Micheal could do was sit there moaning as every last part of his mind was fucked away turning him into a slutty whore.
Micheal felt the two cocks bulge as the men got ready to cum inside of him.
He knew he was now in his place as a little blonde bimbo for two well hung black men.

Witness protection program

When me and my family were threatened by the local Mafia the government instantly took me and my wife away and out to the countryside as part of the witness protection program. Now not only did we need to move but we needed new identities, and that’s when my college at work suggested the new biological chromosome switcher that was made to change X chromosomes to y and vice versa. At first I was hesitant but my wife had rallied me on to try it…
So we did my wife became a great bulk of a man while I became a petite woman with soft skin perky tits and blonde hair.
This is us 1 year later after getting adjusted to our lives. And the feeling of my wife’s cock is unimaginable.


How could this happen to me. Just a few days ago I was a man like any other, decent job, hot wife and a house to show for it. That was of course until one day when I decided to let my true feelings flower. I knew that my wife was going out for the week to A work meeting and that I had the entire week off.
This was the perfect opportunity to test out my latest little secret, my new bodysuit, I had been keeping it A secret from my wife for awhile now. As I slipped on the bodysuit I could feel it, my skin felt like it was sticking itself to the bodysuit. I could feel the smoothness of my legs, my new perky breasts and the wet slit where my dick used to be. As soon as I got used to my new body I heard the window open behind me. I turned to face the huge bulk of A man, black skin wearing nothing but A tank top, shorts and shoes. But those were soon thrown on the ground as he got closer and closer to me, the fear inside me had been replaced with excitement the closer he got. This was what I had always wanted, to be taken by A man much bigger than me, and yet I wondered what my wife would think if she saw…
Well it seems I don’t really care what my wife thinks as now I have A loving husband who fills my every desire…

The Bodysuit

“nnngggg dude not so rough you’ll brake the bodysuit” those were the only words i could get out all night with this monster of a cock destroying my insides as my best friend rams my vagina.
you see a few days ago me and my best friend mark were hanging out at his house when an unexpected parcel arrived at his door. We opened it to find what looked to be some kind of skin suit made of silk smooth to the touch. As A joke I put on the suit and pretended to be a girl for a few minutes walking around acting all girly when Mark pulled out some clothes from under his bed. At first i was a little weirded out that my best friend had girls clothes under his bed but i just went along with it we were friends after all.
before i knew it i was on the ground crawling towards marks hard cock as he lied on the bed stroking it. “I want it so bad” i said as i got closer and closer to his bulging hard cock. “I bet you do, you slut” said mark as he grabbed me threw me on the bed on my hands and knees and got up behind me. I could feel his throbbing shaft against my now bare feminine ass, Marks dick was always huge or so i had been told but i never thought i’d see it in a situation like this. With that Mark took his bulging hard dick and guided it to the bodysuits soaking vagina “i let out a slight moan as i felt the hard shaft against my vagina the bodysuit sending the most pleasurable feelings. “are you ready slut?” Mark said as he rested his hands on my ass and pushed his tip just a little bit in “please i cant wait!” i screamed as i pushed backward onto his black cock the feeling of pleasure throughout my entire body my legs became weak and all i could think of was Mark cumming and sealing this suit on me before i knew it my thoughts became reality as Mark let out his seed into my vagina i could feel the suit sealing onto my skin and i knew we would become even better friends

The Tattoo

Hi my name is Tom… well it used to be Tom that was before i was coaxed into getting a new tattoo, at the time i didn’t even know what it says. it turns out it says slutty whore… later that day i got home and my roomy laughed when i showed him the tattoo but then gradually that laugh turned into awe as my body shifted from what used to be a big muscular male into a small slut looking woman.
And that’s how i ended up in this position, ass in the air wearing nothing but white stockings and black heels. i have to admit this feels better than it looks with every moan I make the more aggressive my roommate gets as his 14 inch shaft splits me apart.
Maybe after this ill ask my roommate to get a tattoo that reads “beast in bed”…

Odd one out

Out of all of his friends Tom was the odd one out, they all had big masculine body’s whilst Tom had more of a feminine petite body. He never felt uneasy around them because they were always so nice to him.
It was a Friday night and Tom was heading down to the usual hangout spot for him and his friends.
“Hey guys whats going on?” Tom said anxiously looking at his friends as they circled him “Tom do you know how feminine you look?” Said Max. “Yeah so what if i look feminine i’m still a guy” Tom said “well me and the guys have been thinking, this place could really use a woman’s touch and well you being the most feminine thought you’d be a great woman for us all to enjoy” Max said as pulled out a pair of white high heels from behind his back “Tom do you remember when i bought these for my wife that left me a month ago, well i want you to put these on and serve us as our woman”. ” And what if i say no” Tom said “well you don’t really have a choice” said Max as all four of them grabbed him and stripped him down to bare nothing “come on guys give me my stuff back i thought we were friends” Tom said standing there naked covering his manhood “OK” said Max as he threw down a pair of stockings and heels. Tom knew there was no way of getting out of this so he just submitted and put on the stockings and heels but as soon as he did he felt really sensitive and horny Tom looked down and to his surprise he now had to large perky tits and a soaking wet vagina. He looked up and saw that all of his friends were stripping “guys what did you do to me and what are you doing now?” Tom said anxiously as their huge dicks flopped out of their pants “were just going to brake in our new slut” Said Max as he sat on the sofa and pulled Tom on top of him. Tom moaned as Max’s dick stretched his wet pussy, the others later joined in fucking every hole Tom had.
“I hope you’re enjoying this as much as i am Tom” Max said as he pushed his dick as far as it could go into Tom’s vagina. For some reason Tom knew this is where he had always belonged.

Best of friends

One day a guy named Tom and his best friends were messing around in Tom’s attic when they stumbled upon a magic book of sorts.
“So what do you guys think this thing does?” Tom said out of interest “Well why don’t we take a look” suggested Mike as he slowly opened the book. Mike opened the book on a page that read “Role Reversal” “What the hell does that mean” said Tom. ” well why don’t we find out” Mike said as he began to read out loud what it said under the title…
A few minutes later Tom started to feel a bit woozy and his head began to spiral as he passed out.
Tom later woke up to a strange hard sensation, he opened his eyes to find his friends fucking the daylight out of him “Tom!” Mike shouted “you’re awake” Mike said shockingly.
Tom could do nothing to pull off his sex crazed friends as they rammed they’re hard cocks into every one of his holes all Tom could do was sit there taking it thinking how his life would change for the best…

Nothing of it

When Mike had first heard about the bimbo virus that had hit the world he thought nothing of it. He just spent everyday like he normally would, go to work, come home and sleep.
But that had all changed when he got home to find Kyle his best friend at his house. Read more

The Wish

David always did love watching those lesbian sex videos and had always wanted to be there and watch…
As David settled down for another night of wanking he got up his favorite lesbian video about two sexy blondes one with a strap-on and one with her legs tied spread getting rammed. David got near the end of the video when he wished he could be there to watch them.
Little did David know there was a magical fairy passing by that decided to grant him this wish… Later David found himself in the position of the blonde that had her legs tied open he tried to tell her to stop but all that came out were moans and screams as the other blonde fucked Davids brains out with the strap on. David thought to himself “well i really wanted to watch but getting fucked as a girl is so much better

Best Birthday Present Ever

As usual Tom couldn’t find a decent birthday present for his friend Matt, but this year was different Tom had found the best “joke” present that he was going to give to Matt. Tom thought he could mix Matt’s beer with a special potion (given to him by a witch) that would change him into a beautiful blonde goddess, unfortunately for Tom Matt saw him doing this and waited for Tom to leave so he could switch the drinks around. Read more