Nothing of it

When Mike had first heard about the bimbo virus that had hit the world he thought nothing of it. He just spent everyday like he normally would, go to work, come home and sleep.
But that had all changed when he got home to find Kyle his best friend at his house.

“Kyle what are you doing here man?” Mike said “Haven’t you heard about that new disease spreading? i’m afraid i could get it” Kyle said worryingly “You really believe that nonsense?” Mike said as he chuckled “Yes and you should too” Kyle said as he pulled out a syringe from behind his back. Mike tried to run upstairs but Kyle injected him before he could. Mike stumbled up the stairs, into his bedroom and onto his bed “What did you inject me with Kyle!” Mike said worryingly as he felt his body start to tingle all over.
Kyle walked into the room and sat down on the bed next to the scared Mike “don’t worry dude this will only take a few seconds” Kyle said with a slight grin on his face.
Before Mike knew it he had become a beautiful woman with perky tits and a new soaked pussy “You look better than expected” said Kyle as he easily overpowered his old friend Mike. Mike struggled all he could to stop Kyle but he was easily pushed onto his face with his ass in the air. Kyle then forcefully stripped Mike and himself, he grabbed Mike arms and started rubbing his long hard member against Mikes pussy.
“Please Kyle stop this” Moaned Mike as he felt Kyle’s dick almost split him in half as he felt Kyle penetrate him.
Mike knew he wasn’t going to be able to walk straight after this but he sorrowfully accepted his new place as Kyles Slut


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